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Landslide in Switzerland. A man was found dead

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Emergency services found the body of a man in the canton of Graub√ľnden in southern Switzerland, where a large rock avalanche occurred. The search for two people continues. Due to downpours and flash floods in neighboring Valais, one town has been cut off from the world, several villages have no access to electricity and water.

Heavy rainfall came to Switzerland on Friday. It rained particularly heavily in the cantons located in the south of the country. Rivers burst their banks, causing floods and landslides.

A huge landslide occurred in the Misox Valley on the border with Italy, destroying three houses. – There was a huge rock avalanche, some of the stones were waist-high – said SRF correspondent Marcel Niedermann.

Body found

The landslide carried away four people. One of them was located and rescued on Saturday morning. On Sunday afternoon, the services announced the tragic news at a press conference.

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– We found a body – said local police chief William Kloter. As he specified, the man's body was in the river. The commander said that the chances of finding the remaining two people alive were slim. The layer of mud and stones is up to four meters thick in some places.

The search operation continues on Sunday. Last night it was interrupted due to rain and poor visibility. 200 rescuers, drones, helicopters and rescue dogs were involved in the operation.

Landslide in the Val Mesolcina valleyPAP/EPA/MICHAEL BUHOLZER

Landslide in the Misox ValleyPAP/EPA/MICHAEL BUHOLZER

During the downpours, 124 liters of water fell per square meter, including 63 liters in one hour.

The A13 San Bernardino motorway, one of the most important roads leading through the Alps, was destroyed. Damage was reported on a section of 200 meters. According to forecasts by the Federal Highway Administration (ASTRA), it may take months to repair the damage, which means serious traffic problems during the holiday season.

The destroyed A13 motorwayPAP/EPA/SAMUEL GOLAY

A town cut off from the world, evacuations

In the neighboring canton of Valais, the ski resort of Zermatt was completely cut off from the world on Friday, and several villages have no access to electricity and water. Authorities representative Marie Claude Noth-Ecoeur said that at least 230 people had been evacuated.

Water from downpours and melting snow disrupted road and rail traffic. Train services were resumed only on Saturday evening, but some roads remained impassable.


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