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lapwings. An accident involving a police car closing a government column. Government spokesman: Mateusz Morawiecki was riding in it

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki rode in the government column, confirmed government spokesman Piotr Mueller on Monday when asked about the accident in Czajki. The police reported that a Mazda passenger car drove head-on into the police car that was closing the government column.

The accident took place on Sunday around 3 p.m. in Czajki (Wyso-Mazowiecki poviat). The police said that a police car, which was closing the column of government vehicles, was driven head-on by a Mazda passenger car. “There is no indication of deliberate action – the driver of the Mazda, driving from the opposite direction, lost control of her car,” police said.

On Monday, the press team of the Podlaskie police reported that four people were injured – two policemen and two people from the Mazda. All these people were hospitalized after the accident. One of the injured policemen underwent surgery.

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller was asked at a Monday press conference whether the prime minister was in the government column, which was closed by the police car involved in the accident Mateusz Morawiecki. – This information has already been confirmed. Therefore, yes, he replied.

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On Sunday, the police did not say who was riding in the column. Spokesman for the State Protection Service, Colonel Bogusław Piórkowski, asked if the head of the Ministry of National Defense was moving in the column Mariusz Blaszczak and Mateusz Morawiecki – who were staying in Krynki in Podlasie that day, near the border with Belarus – he replied that he did not provide such information. Also, junior brigadier Piotr Chojnowski, spokesman for the Provincial Fire Brigade Headquarters in Białystok, stated that he did not provide information about the people who were transported in the government column.

In the village of Czajki in Podlasie, a police car collided with a civilian carTVN24

Government spokesman on procedures for the passage of SOP columns

Mueller said at a news conference that he “would like to express our sympathy to those people who are victims of this collision.” He stressed that as for its course, the police reported on Sunday what it looked like. – Therefore, you have a picture of this situation and it is difficult to add more in this regard – he said.

The government spokesman was also asked whether the procedures for the passage of SOP columns should not be reviewed – whether the column must always move on signals and at a fairly high speed.

– The police provided information that the second car from the opposite lane veered into the lane in which the marked column was moving correctly. These are the facts, he said.

Mueller explained that the standard operation is that the columns that go with the president or prime minister are columns – according to the provisions of the Road Traffic Act – otherwise it would mean that this column can be interrupted by another vehicle and therefore drive in a column marked with a signal sound.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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