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Laseczno. Quarrel on the road, one driver pushed the other under the car. The police are looking for witnesses. A homicide charge for a 22-year-old

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Two drivers struggled on the road and one of them was about to push the other under an oncoming car. The 59-year-old died on the spot. The police are looking for the person who first assisted the man. And the prosecutor’s office charges the 22-year-old driver with the murder and requests him for pre-trial detention.

According to senior aspirant Joanna Kwiatkowska from the District Police Headquarters in Iława, an unusual, tragic accident took place on the national road No. 16 in the vicinity of Laseczno during the night from Friday to Saturday.

– A 22-year-old man drove a Mercedes truck, a 59-year-old Opel. At one point, the drivers stopped on the road to talk about the driving style. There was a struggle between the gentlemen – the policewoman told the media. The cars did not leave the road, the exchange of views between the drivers took place on the road.

A tragic quarrel

During the struggle of drivers, a Renault driver driving from the same direction saw a Mercedes standing on the road. Thinking that the car had crashed, he wanted to get past it. As he was passing them, something suddenly struck his mask. It was dark, the Renault driver did not know what had happened. It turned out to be the older man involved in the struggle. Despite the resuscitation, the 59-year-old died on the spot – Kwiatkowska said.

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It turned out that a 22-year-old Mercedes truck driver who was involved in the struggle was under the influence of drugs. Preliminary tests showed, among other things, the presence of marijuana in his body. – The driver was detained in a police cell, his driving license was retained – Kwiatkowska said.

An expert on road aggressiontvn24


The police and the prosecutor worked at the scene. – It is an unusual, tragic event. We will explain every aspect of it precisely. At the moment, the proceedings in this case are conducted with a view to manslaughter of a 59-year-old, informed Kwiatkowska. She also informed that the police were looking for a witness to the incident who could shed light on what was happening that evening.

The police are looking for witnesses

– We kindly ask the gentleman, who provided first aid to the deceased Opel driver, to contact the police – the spokeswoman appealed. And she clarified that it was a man of about 50, with slight stubble, driving a dark Mercedes, probably an S-class, and his car registration numbers began with the letters CG.

The police asks everyone who saw the incident to contact the uniformed at the numbers 47 7326 200 (duty officer in Iława) or 608 011 318 (police press officer in Iława).

According to the policewoman, in the place where the tragedy took place, dangerous road incidents often occur: speeding and accidents. – It is a narrow section of the road with good asphalt, there is both a curve and a straight section. Drivers constantly break the rules there – said a policewoman who informed in recent days that two drivers lost their driving license there because they exceeded the speed by 50 kilometers per hour.

The accident took place near Iławainfoilawa.pl

The charge of homicide for the driver and the motion for arrest

On Sunday, the 22-year-old heard charges of murder in the prosecutor’s office. – The prosecutor’s office in Iława, after analyzing the evidence, decided to submit to the court a motion for pre-trial detention against a 22-year-old man who participated in Friday’s incident on DK16 – informed Sławomir Karmowski from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Elbląg. And he said that at this stage of the proceedings he could not reveal whether the 22-year-old pleaded guilty.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Iława sent a motion to the court for the temporary arrest of the 22-year-old.

Main photo source: infoilawa.pl

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