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Łask, Mikołajówek. After the attack on the 18-year-old girl, 12 dogs were caught and they were prowling around Łask

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The police informed about the capture of 12 dogs that formed a pack in the vicinity of Łask (Łódź Province). It is likely that they severely bitten the 18-year-old girl. Her condition is serious. The police found out who probably owned the animals.

According to the media, senior aspirant Katarzyna Staśkowska from the District Police Headquarters in Łask, 12 dogs were already caught, which were supposed to take part in the attack on an 18-year-old girl on Thursday. The tragedy took place in the Łask commune, near the villages of Mikołajówek and Kopyść (Łódź Province).

– A witness who was passing by noticed a badly injured woman who was lying in a ditch with lacerations and bleeding. An ambulance and the police were immediately called. The medics helped the woman. She was taken to one of the hospitals in Łódź. Unfortunately, from my information so far it appears that the condition of the 18-year-old is still difficult – said the policewoman.

The wounded woman will probably go to a specialist hospital in Siemianowice Śląskie.

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The pack bit the goats

Until Saturday afternoon, a dozen or so aggressive dogs were caught near Łask, most likely biting the woman. – 12 dogs were caught. We have established who may own them. Proceedings in this case are conducted by the prosecutor’s office – informs Staśkowska. Earlier, on Friday, it was reported that 4 dogs were caught. As the policewoman adds, the search for all animals that could be included in the pack has not been completed yet.

According to local media, it was not the first dog attack on people in the vicinity of Łask. However, the mayor of the village, Gabriel Szkudlarek, told us that he had not heard before that there were stray aggressive dogs running around in the commune.

– I am a bit surprised, because some people knew that such a pack exists, but did not signal it. On Tuesday, dogs were bitten by three goats in one of the residents, the woman informed us of this fact only when she found out about the girl’s bite, says Szkudlarek.

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