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Latvia. Can Russia make a mess? “We received the signal”

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According to the Latvian Prime Minister special forces Latvia are able to identify provocations Russiabecause they recognize the “handwriting” Russian services.

However, she emphasized that citizens must be aware of the fact that Latvia very different provocations may occur.

Latvia. Russia with provocations? “We received the signal”

– Arson is one of the most typical of Russian secret services forms of sabotage aimed at destabilizing the attacked country and arousing anxiety. It is also a signal sent to Latvian politicians and an attempt to intimidate them – explained the head of government.

In turn, the Latvian Minister of Internal Affairs Rihards Kozlovskis announced the day before that the secret services were “on daily alert.”

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– We are in a state of hybrid war – admitted the politician.

Latvia. Reaction to actions in Poland

Kozlovskis also referred to recent events in Poland. On Tuesday, the Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced during a press conference that three more people suspected of sabotage and sabotage attempts in Poland had been detained. Nine suspects were arrested earlier. As the Prime Minister pointed out, there is “attempts of sabotage and sabotage in Poland and neighboring countries, including Lithuania and Latvia.

The Latvian minister confirmed that Russia will continue to attack countries that they help Ukraineand usually recruits criminals and people without stable income for acts of sabotage.

Kozlovskis also assessed that although Latvia is currently coping with threats of this type from Russia – thanks to very good exchange of information with its allies – in the long run it will have to expand its secret services.

Fire on Marywilska Street. Donald Tusk mentioned Russian services

On Tuesday, after the government meeting, the Prime Minister's conference was held Donald Tusk. The head of government then announced that he had issued an order regarding the appointment Kcommission for investigating Russian and Belarusian influence in Poland in the years 2004-2024. Its head will be the head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, General Jarosław Stróżyk, and he will be a member of the commission from 9 to 13 members, recommended by individual ministers. The first report of the committee should appear after elections to European Parliament.As he added, he would like us not to speculate in the public space about which events in Poland may be the result of foreign services, including Russian and Belarusian ones. He also assured that he was in close consultation with the heads of services, including the chief Ministry of Interior and Administration Tomasz Siemoniakwill convey “what can be conveyed to the public.” – Today we have no doubt that the activity of the Russian services cooperating with the Belarusian services is high and “there is no point in fooling around” – concluded the PO leader.

Prime Minister Tusk also mentioned that traces are being analyzed that allow us to assume that “Russian services had something to do with the loud fire on Marywilska and the proceedings in this matter are ongoing.

A day earlier, he announced that “nine suspects were arrested and charged with engaging directly in acts of sabotage in Poland on behalf of the Russian services. This includes beatings, arson and attempted arson.”

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