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Latvia. Instead of Kaliningrad – Kenigsberg. Linguists recommend returning to the historical name of the city

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Linguists in Latvia recommend that Latvian speakers use the historical name of the city of Kaliningrad – Kenigsberga. They emphasize that the recommendation to abandon the Russian term for the city was issued earlier in Poland, where the name Królewiec was restored.

The LETA agency reported on Monday that the Latvian language expert commission at the State Language Center considered the issue of Kaliningrad and came to the conclusion that instead of the current version it is better to use the historical name derived from the German language – Kenigsberga – or the traditional Baltic name – Karalauchi.

Latvia is not the only country in the region that has abandoned the Russian version of the name of the Russian exclave, LETA emphasizes.

Kaliningrad may disappear from the mapsReuters Archive

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Königsberg, Königsberg region

He recalls that in April the Committee on Standardization of Geographical Names Outside the Republic of Poland, operating at the Chief National Surveyor, resolved that only the Polish name of Królewiec is recommended for the city of Kaliningrad, and for the Kaliningrad Oblast – Królewiecki.

Kaliningrad may disappear from the maps >>>

Following the example of Poland, Lithuanian MPs from the conservative party Vilius Semeszka and Paule Kuzmickiene applied to the language commission to change the name of the city of Kaliningrad in Lithuanian to the historical name Karaliaucius (Królewiec).

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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