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Latvia. The Riga authorities want to remove the Pushkin monument from the city center

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The Riga authorities opted for the removal of the monument to Alexander Pushkin from the center of the Latvian capital. It is not yet known where or when the statue of the Russian poet will be moved.

The Riga coalition supported the idea of ​​removing the monument to the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, which has been standing since 2009 in Kronvalda Park in the center of the Latvian capital, the LETA agency writes on Tuesday. It was emphasized that this should not be delayed.

The originators pointed out that the monument is there illegally and can be used by people Russia as a soft power instrument.

Riga gets rid of monuments depicting Russians

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After Russia launched a full-blown aggression against Ukraine In 2006, a law came into force in Latvia prohibiting the display of Soviet and Nazi symbolism in public space and requiring the removal of objects glorifying these regimes.

By mid-November in Riga, all designated facilities were dismantled, including the so-called Victory Monument. However, the capital’s authorities have called for the removal of other monuments as well, LSM points out.

At the beginning of April, the Pushkin monument in Riga was painted in the colors of the flags of Ukraine and Latvia.

Some of the Russian-speaking inhabitants of Latvia opposed the removal of the monuments. In March, the Russian Union of Latvia organized a picket against the removal of the Pushkin statue.

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