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Latvia. They are afraid of a Russian attack. They started digging ditches

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The Latvian army started digging ditches anti-tank at the border with Russia. It turns out that the Baltic state is taking every scenario into account.

First 20-kilometer section is to be completed within four months. The news was reported by the Latvian public broadcaster (LSM).

Recall, the total boundary between Latvia and Russia is as long as 283 km.

Latvia. They see a threat and build fortifications

A chain of fortifications that will be gradually expanded, it should contain various obstacles. The first line is being built approximately one kilometer from the Russian border in the Ludza commune.

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The project includes both artificial and natural obstacles (swamps, rivers and forests). Anti-tank ditches are to be strengthened by the so-called dragon teeth. This is the common name of a fortification composed of reinforced concrete blocks in the form of a truncated pyramid.

According to Colonel Kaspars Lazdins from the Latvian army, if a conflict occurs, the “dragon teeth” will be supplemented with minefields.

Latvia. They want to remove the Russian language from schools

Government in Riga wants to gradually limit learning Russian as a second foreign language in primary schools. In Latvian education, children learn English, but in later years they are obliged to choose the second language.

In practice, the language of the eastern power was most often chosen. Mainly due to the insufficient number of teachers of other languages. The fact that nearly 30 percent the state's inhabitants are of Russian origin.

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