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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Law and Justice after six years of rule. Ewa Kulik-Bielińska and Ryszard Bugaj comment

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PiS took over institutions and created its own. The stage has come when there can be nothing that is independent of the authorities – said Ewa Kulik-Bielińska, director of the Fundacja im. Stefan Batory, an opposition activist in the communist period. In the activities of the ruling party, Professor Ryszard Bugaj sees “mostly confusion”.

On Sunday, the guests of “Fakty po Faktach” discussed the activities and condition of the ruling party in the context of, inter alia, anti-TVN act.

Ewa Kulik-Bielińska, director of the Foundation Stefan Batory, an opposition activist in the communist period, editor of independent magazines, said that “she has the impression that the ruling party has entered the second stage of the revolution.” – In the first stage, when taking power, she claimed that she wanted to introduce pluralism. Pluralism in the media, pluralism in civil society and culture – she enumerated.

– And now we have the second stage, when they not only managed to create their own cultural institutions, take over museums, take over the media and create social organizations that implement their ideas. The stage has come when there can be nothing that is independent of the authorities – said Kulik-Bielińska.


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“It seems to me that there is mostly confusion”

Professor Ryszard Bugaj, economist, former adviser to Lech Kaczyński, commented on his predecessor’s statement. He stated that “talking about the second stage suggests that there is some deliberate policy that is implemented with different instruments.” – And it seems to me that there is mostly confusion. Law and Justice is in a special situation where it does not control events and makes decisions in an uncoordinated way. This may lead to disastrous results, it is very unlikely that it will lead PiS to increase political support – assessed Bugaj.

As he emphasized, this does not mean that PiS “has no ideological coordination, that it is not inclined to take various media under the shoe.” – When I say confusion and chaos, I mean ideas that are obviously impossible to implement, and yet were taken up and only beat the prestige of those who undertake them. Such an idea, in my opinion, is the attack on TVN – said the guest of “Fakt after Fakt”.

He added that the likelihood of the anti-TVN bill being passed is “close to zero”. – Forcing it only beats the opinion of those who force it, and does not give them real results. In this sense, I say that this attack is not a deliberate action – emphasized the professor.

“There is no democracy without civic activity”

Kulik-Bielińska also spoke about the key importance of civic activity for democracy. – In a democracy, democratic institutions are very important, but they are not enough. The authoritarian authority is able to liquidate any democratic institution. In addition to democratic institutions, the most important thing in a democracy is civic activity. There is no democracy without civic activity in public life, he emphasized.

– There is no democracy without free media, without free courts. But to defend the constitution, to defend free courts, free media and free speech, you need civic activity, she said.

In her opinion “the last six years have shown that there is a lot of resistance, with waves on the streets.” – But there is also a positivist resistance. However, there are independent institutions and independent organizations. And there are people who are ready to sacrifice their personal lives and in very difficult conditions, stand up to them, proving with their actions and what they say that this freedom and democracy can be defended – Kulik-Bielińska emphasized.

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