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Law and Justice threatens again with migrants. However, it is not true

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Brussels wants to relocate 2,000 people to EU countries, and PiS has invited hundreds of thousands to Poland. Only in one year. Now he wants to campaign for the 2,000 that we don’t have to accept.

Let’s not let ourselves be taken away from security, ladies and gentlemen – this is how the Deputy Prime Minister of the Polish government, Jacek Sasin, talks about people only because they look different than he does and believe in a god other than he believes. Yes, this is the rhetoric of fear. Yes, this is hate speech. – We do not want to go out on the streets in fear that perhaps some cutthroat shouting “Allahu Akbar”, as we often hear in press reports, will attack us or our children – Jacek Sasin added on Saturday. In this way, PiS has been scaring and trying to disgust immigrants for several days. – It worked once. I’m afraid that Kaczyński will use the old methods he already knows – says Robert Biedroń, MEP of the New Left.

This is hypocrisy, says the opposition, because at a time when PiS is threatening immigrants, Poland is accepting hundreds of thousands of them. In 2022 alone, over 360,000 migrants received work permits in Poland, compared to over half a million a year earlier. This is much more than in the days of the Platform. It’s a fact – Ukrainians received the most work permits in 2022, but citizens of India, Uzbekistan, Turkey, the Philippines and Bangladesh are also in the lead. – Today, Poland is a country with the most liberal migration policy not only in the European Union, but in the whole world – said Donald Tusk.

Rahat and Nahar are from Bangladesh. They have recently lived in Poznań. Mohamed from Egypt came to Krakow. There he opened a bar and started a family. They all live and work peacefully in Poland. Without bothering anyone, they realize the dream of a better life. It was the PiS government that gave them permission to come. Just like several thousand foreigners employed in the construction of Orlen’s new investment near Płock. – Jarosław Kaczyński simply wanted to deceive the Poles. He wanted to hold a referendum on an issue that doesn’t exist. In order to divide Poles, believes Adam Szłapka, an MP from Nowoczesna.

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Okła-Drewnowicz: PiS has already convinced itself that it will not work. So now comes the next topic, which is migrantsTVN24

To inspire fear

There is no case, because no one sends any immigrants to Poland by force. Firstly, the EU solidarity mechanism is just an idea. Secondly – according to this idea, EU countries will actually have to either accept refugees or pay to the common fund. This does not necessarily apply to Poland. The new regulations explicitly state that any country experiencing increased migratory pressure may request an exemption from participation in the solidarity program at any time. This point was created with Polish support for Ukrainians in mind. Poles helped millions of Ukrainians, which the EU appreciates and does not send anyone by force. PiS prefers to manipulate. – If we open borders, we will also encourage those who carry out this criminal practice to further activity – believes Marcin Ociepa, deputy minister of national defense from PiS.

This is at least bending the facts, because the EU mechanism is supposed to apply to people who have already been admitted, and obtaining asylum in the EU is supposed to be more and more difficult. Zbigniew Ziobro mentioned hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees. This is also not true, because no one is talking about hundreds of thousands, but at most two thousand. – They want to send the whole element to Poland – alerts Michał Woś, deputy justice minister from Sovereign Poland. Calling people an “element” is taking away their dignity – says the opposition and recalls that once, eight years ago, PiS effectively threatened Poles with refugees in its campaign. – PiS will of course use it to arouse fear, and fear in politics is a very strong emotion – says Dr. Beata Brodzińska-Mirowska, a political scientist from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

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