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Łeba. He wanted to save his dog, the 64-year-old himself got stuck in the marshes

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A 64-year-old German citizen and his wife were looking for their dog, which had escaped from them the night before. They heard a whine in the bushes in the national park in Łeba. The man decided to help the animal himself. Unfortunately, he, too, got stuck in the marshes. Firefighters and policemen had to help.

The policemen from Lębork received the notification of the incident on Saturday after 7 am. The services were notified by the wife of the 64-year-old. – The man got stuck in Łeba in the Słowiński National Park in the wetlands and was unable to get out of the trap. The stressed woman was not able to give the exact location – she handed over to the asp. Marta Szałkowska from the County Police Headquarters in Lębork.

As the woman told the policemen, she and her husband were looking for their dog, which had escaped from them the night before.

– Around 6 am, near the shifting dunes, the man heard the howl of an animal that got tangled up in the bushes and rushed to his rescue. Unfortunately, he himself got stuck in a quagmire – adds Szałkowska.

They saved the 64-year-old and his dog

Fortunately, the place where the 64-year-old and his dog were stuck were quickly located. – The firefighters from the Volunteer Fire Department in Łeba, the State Fire Service in Lębork and the district officer from the Police Station in Łeba, young asp. Piotr Zarzycki and the patrol of the Lębork road traffic in the composition of Sgt. staff. Sławomir Parulski and Sgt. staff. Joanna Merchel – describes the press officer.


Already around 9 o’clock, the 64-year-old and his dog were pulled out using a sleigh. The man was cold and weak. The policemen covered him with a blanket and called an ambulance.

– Fortunately, it turned out that the health of the 64-year-old did not require hospitalization and the policemen took him to the accommodation he rented – added Szałkowska.

We urge you to stick to the hiking trails and not to delve into unknown regions. Although the Słowiński National Park delights with its beauty, it hides many traps, which the German tourist experienced. Fortunately, in this case, the quick response and effective action of policemen and firefighters prevented a possible tragedy.

Main photo source: KPP in Lębork

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