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Leba. The couple could not get out of the water, the man could not be saved

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They were on an unguarded beach. They entered the sea in a place where the current is unpredictable. They couldn’t get out of the water. Witnesses helped them. They barely pulled the woman out of the water when the man died.

On Saturday evening, tragic events took place on the beach in Łeba. A 39-year-old resident of Radom died in the Baltic Sea, and a 34-year-old woman was saved only thanks to the help of accidental witnesses.

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He died, beachgoers pulled her out

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Services at At 19:22 they received a report that two people were drowning in the vicinity of descent no. 16 in Łeba. All possible services were sent to the incident, but the SAR was the first.

– When we arrived at the site, beachgoers had already pulled them both out of the water. The general condition of the woman was good. Witnesses also started a rescue operation for the man, which we took over – says Sebastian Kluska, director of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service SAR. Rescuers spent 45 minutes trying to revive him. Unfortunately, to no avail.

Eight people drowned in Poland on Friday and Saturday alone. – Despite repeated appeals for caution and common sense around the water, there are still such cases. – The couple broke all the rules we are asking for. She entered the water outside the guarded swimming area and outside the working hours of the WOPR lifeguards – emphasizes the head of the SAR.

They are asking for wisdom

In addition, the place that the couple chose to enter the water is near the piles driven into the sea, which are supposed to strengthen the shore, and near them there are depressions in the bottom and the current is predictable.

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Lifeguards and police officers repeat their appeals to respect water, do not consume alcohol or other intoxicating substances before bathing, use bathing areas recognized as safe and during lifeguards’ working hours. “Let’s turn on thinking,” they call.

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Main photo source: Sebastian Kluska/Maritime Search and Rescue Service SAR

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