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Friday, December 1, 2023

Lebanon. Hezbollah “responded” to the Israeli air strikes with a rocket attack

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Dozens of rockets were launched into open ground near Israeli positions in the disputed area of ​​the Shebaa Farms, Hezbollah said. A Shiite radical organization said it did so in response to Israeli air strikes.

Iranian-backed radical Hezbollah said in a statement Friday that Israeli fighters have strafed an open area in Lebanon in recent days. Shebaa farms are a disputed area between Israel, Lebanon and Syria.


The Israeli army previously reported that at least 10 missiles were fired at Israel from southern Lebanon on Friday. Most were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. A source in the Lebanese security forces confirmed the attack.

Lebanese missiles fell on Iran ATEF SAFADI / PAP / EPA

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Israel responded with artillery fire towards southern Lebanon. So far, there are no reports of human casualties or material losses as a result of these mutual attacks.

The Israeli Iron Dome near the border with Lebanon ATEF SAFADI / PAP / EPA

Friday was another day of cross-border warfare that has threatened the period of calm that has prevailed in the region since 2006, when Israel and Hezbollah waged a month-long war.

Main photo source: ATEF SAFADI / PAP / EPA

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