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Lebanon. Israel. Hezbollah leader on the Israeli minister’s visit to the Temple Mount

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Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Shiite paramilitary organization Hezbollah, said that changing the status quo of the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem could cause conflict in the entire region. Nasrallah commented on the controversial visit of Israeli Interior Minister Itamar Ben Gwir to the Temple Mount.

Nasrallah added that the violation of the decades-old compromise on the mosque on the Temple Mount could trigger an explosion not only in the Palestinian territories.

– New government Israelis a government of corrupt criminals and extremists, the Hezbollah leader added and called on the international community to “discipline these crazy officials in Israel” to avoid war, reports the Times of Israel.

Hasan Nasrallah is the leader of HezbollahRatib Al Safadi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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Hezbollah, a Shi’ite paramilitary organization and party, is a very influential formation in Lebanese politics, Reuters reminds Reuters.

Muslim states in the region labeled the minister’s visit an “intrusion”

The Al-Aqsa Mosque is one of the most important shrines for Muslims in the world. According to the Israeli authorities, while only Muslims can pray in the mosque, followers of other religions are allowed to visit the hill itself.

However, after Ben Gwira visit this place in the morning United Arab EmiratesSaudi Arabia, JordanEgypt and Turkey recognized in separate statements that it was an “intrusion” and a provocation leading to an escalation of tensions in the region.

Temple Mount in JerusalemCC BY-SA 4.0 | Godot13

Soon after, the Jordanian authorities announced in a communiqué that they had summoned the Israeli ambassador to formally protest against Ben Gwir’s “intrusion”.

The official visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the United Arab Emirates scheduled for next week was also unexpectedly cancelled.

Temple Mount in JerusalemPAP/DPA

Who is Ben-Gwir?

Imatar Ben-Gwir heads the far-right party Ocma Jehudit (Jewish Force in Hebrew), which has entered the Religious Zionism bloc. In 2007, he was convicted of making racist statements against Arabs and supporting a group recognized by Israel and Israel United States for a terrorist organization.

Israel’s new government “will not succumb to the threats of Hamas,” a radical Palestinian organization, Ben-Gwir said on the Temple Mount, quoted by the Jerusalem Post. He added that “the Temple Mount is the most important place for Jews” due to the fact that the Jerusalem Temple was located here, and “those who make threats will be treated with an iron fist.”

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Last week, the politician entered the composition in the new government of Benjamin Netanyahu, who was sworn in in Israel.

Main photo source: Ratib Al Safadi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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