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Lebork. He was carrying seven children in a five-seater car, not wearing seat belts. They were going to grandma’s

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A resident of Lębork (Pomerania) wanted to quickly transport the children to their grandmother. So he took seven charges at once. A five-seater car. When he was stopped by a policeman, it turned out that no one was wearing a seatbelt and the driver was banned from driving. Now he faces serious consequences.

Two children in the front seat, four in the back, one in the trunk and everyone, even the driver, were driving without seat belts – this was the view seen by the district officer from Lębork during his round of his area on Tuesday. There were three more people in the five-seat car than it should have been. The police officer stopped the vehicle for inspection.

– One child was standing in the boot of the car, holding onto the headrest of the seat. None of the children was protected in any way against a possible road accident – says aspirant Marta Szałkowska, press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Lębork. It soon turned out that the driver was disqualified from driving.

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He was supposed to explain that he was taking the children to grandma’s. He faces five years in prison

“The man explained that he wanted to quickly deliver his passengers to his grandmother. Apparently, time was more important to him than the safety of the youngest” – the police note in the message.

According to the officers, the driver will soon be charged with driving despite a court ban. He will also be charged with transporting passengers contrary to the regulations and other traffic offences. – He is threatened with five years of imprisonment and a high fine, and his account – after the court verdict – will receive more than 50 penalty points – announces Szałkowska.

Police: seatbelts save lives

The police also call for responsibility on the road. – Always ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers in the car. Remember that driving without fastened seat belts or transporting a child without a car seat can lead to a tragedy. A child without a car seat during sudden braking or a sharp maneuver is completely defenseless and at risk of injury, loss of health, and even death. The impact force of an adult person in an accident is up to three tons. Numerous tests and studies show that seat belts double the chances of survival, argues the officer.

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