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Lebork. She was wearing seatbelts herself, the children were not fastened anymore. Police: She said she only drives “a bit” and is sober

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Two women were traveling in a car with three small children when they were stopped by police officers from Lębork (Pomeranian Voivodeship). Although the adults buckled themselves into their seat belts, none of the children were secured with them. According to the officers, the driver did not see anything wrong with his behavior. Now he will answer in court.

As described by Mr. Marta Szałkowska from the District Police Headquarters in Lębork, on Sunday around 22, on Niepodległości Street, the police stopped the Volkswagen for inspection. Two women were driving it – the passenger was holding a teenage-month-old girl on her lap, and two boys were sitting on the back sofa.

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Adults in belts, children without

– None of the children were wearing seat belts. When asked by a policeman why, despite the fact that she used the seat belts herself, she did not take care of the safety of the transported children, the 41-year-old said that she was sober and only “a piece” – Szałkowska tells us.

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And he adds: – Both women gave the impression that they were unaware of the threat. The driver did not see anything wrong in her behavior and did not accept the police officer’s words about the danger to which she could expose, above all, the youngest.

The officer withdrew from imposing a fine on the woman and drew up a motion to the court for punishment.

The woman faces a heavy fine and 15 penalty points.

Police: seatbelts save lives

– Let’s be responsible drivers. Always ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers in the car. Remember that driving without wearing a seatbelt can lead to a tragedy. Szałkowska. He reminds that not using them even by one person in the car is a huge threat not only to himself, but also to other passengers in the event of an accident, and even in the event of a seemingly harmless collision.

– When there is a hard impact, belts can not only save from death, but above all minimize injuries. However, if they are not fastened, the impact force of an adult person in an accident is up to three tons. Numerous tests and studies show that seat belts double the chances of survival, explains the officer.

The belts keep you alive30.10 | You weigh 76 kilograms, you are traveling at a speed of about 60 km/h. With hard braking, your body adds weight to 2.5 tonnes. If you wear a seatbelt, you have a 40 percent chance of surviving. How to fasten your seatbelt properly – Łukasz Frątczak.tvn24

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