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Łęczyński County. She faces up to eight years in prison. He allegedly abused his disabled husband

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The investigators' findings show that a 54-year-old resident of the Łęczyński district (Lublin Voivodeship) had been abusing her husband for a long time. The 67-year-old uses a wheelchair. The police noticed superficial wounds on his hands. When they arrived, the woman was shouting vulgar words at her husband.

When the police arrived to intervene in one of the apartments in the Łęczyński district, they found a 67-year-old man in a wheelchair.

“According to his account, his wife, under the influence of alcohol, started a fight, during which she called him names and pulled him. The man had visible superficial wounds on his hands,” writes staff aspirant Magdalena Krasna from the District Police Headquarters in Łęczna in a statement.

The court decided on a three-month arrest KPP Łęczna

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Police: were aggressive

He adds that the woman shouted vulgar words at her husband in the presence of the officers and was aggressive.

“The police detained a 54-year-old woman and took her to a police cell,” notes Asp. Krasna pcs.

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He also allegedly mentally abused his husband's nephew and his fiancée

The findings show that the woman has been mentally and physically abusing her disabled husband for a long time.

“She insulted her, threatened to kill her and disturbed her husband's sleep at night. Moreover, the police found that she had mentally abused the man's nephew and his fiancée,” the police inform.

She was imprisoned for three months

The 54-year-old was charged with “physical and mental abuse of her husband, who was helpless due to his physical condition, and with a disability, and with mental abuse of other people in a permanent relationship of dependence.”

She faces up to eight years in prison. The court agreed to a preventive measure in the form of three months' arrest.

Main photo source: KPP Łęczna

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