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Legionella infections are on the rise. The first case in Lesser Poland

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The first case of Legionella pneumophila infection in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship has been recorded – informed the voivode Łukasz Kmita. She is a resident of a retirement home. – The charges, in the event of deterioration of health, will be referred to the hospital – added Kmita after the meeting of the crisis management staff. Earlier on Sunday, sanitary services reported that tests confirmed 16 more legionella infections in hospitalized patients from Podkarpacie. In total, more than 140 people have already been infected.

The first case of Legionella infection was recorded in Lesser Poland on Sunday. A ward of a private retirement home was taken to the district hospital, her condition is serious. In case of deterioration, he will be transferred to the University Hospital in Krakow.

In the evening, the crisis management team met with the participation of, among others, Mr. representatives of the voivodeship office, sanepidu, starosty. After the headquarters, the Małopolska voivode informed that one more person from the same center was hospitalized. She is suspected of having pneumonia, but will also be tested for Legionnaires’ disease.

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The facility from which the patients come has over 50 people under its care. The center is subject to increased medical and sanitary supervision. health department implemented crisis procedures. The center has implemented measures to reduce the possibility of aerosol generation. Infection occurs when the aerosol is inhaled from contaminated water.

– The charges, in the event of deterioration of health, will be directed to the hospital – emphasized Łukasz Kmita, adding that the situation seems to be under control.

The water from the resort will be tested on Monday. The water in the municipal water supply to which the facility is connected is also to be tested.

Rzeszów health department: another 16 infected

In another 16 hospitalized patients, the tests confirmed the presence of Legionella bacteria, which causes acute pneumonia, informed the director of the Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Rzeszów, Jaromir Ślączka, on Sunday morning. 143 people are already infected with legionella.

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Legionella. The services are looking for the reasons

The largest number of people infected with the bacterium live in Rzeszów – 96 patients and in the Rzeszów district – 31. In addition, four infections were revealed in the inhabitants of the Dębica district, three in the Ropczycko-Sędziszów district, two in Łańcut and one in the following districts: Jasielski, Przeworski, Przemyśl, Kolbuszów , Nizhskie, Stalowowolskie and Lubelskie Voivodeship (Opole County).

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Legionella pneumophila Shutterstock

So far, eight people with confirmed legionella infection and comorbidities have died.

The source of the infection is still unknown. The prosecutor’s office and the Internal Security Agency are looking for reasons, among others.

Findings samples that were taken from the municipal water supply and the houses and apartments of infected peoplethe health department is to present next Monday.

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Legionella and legionellosis. Symptoms, sources of infection

Legionella cannot be contracted from humans or by drinking water containing the bacteria. Infection occurs when the aerosol is inhaled from contaminated water.

Legionellosis is a type of severe pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacteria. According to the Sanepid website, the Legionella bacterium is found all over the world and is widespread in the environment, and its reservoir is water and wet soil. Legionella pneumophila has been detected in streams, ponds, plumbing systems of hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, faucets and shower strainers, water storage tanks, air conditioning and humidification devices, hot tubs, thermal pools, spa pools, medical devices.

Legionellosis it usually starts with fever, chills, headache, and muscle pain. Then, as we read on the website of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), there is a dry cough and breathing problems that can progress to severe pneumonia. About a third of patients also experience diarrhea and vomiting, and about half experience confusion or hallucinations. Most patients require hospitalization and treatment with antibiotics. To diagnose the disease, it is necessary to perform special laboratory tests.

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