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Legionowo. Legionella suspected, swimming pool closed

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Research has shown that Legionella bacteria may be present in the swimming pool in Legionowo at Królowej Jadwigi Street. The decision was made to temporarily close the facility.

“Due to slightly exceeded microbiological standards of water tests (suspected presence of legionella bacteria) at the Swimming Pool at Królowej Jadwigi Street, guided by the good of users, a decision was made to temporarily close the facility” – we read in a message published on the social media of the Municipal Budgetary Establishment Legionowo.

As indicated, “the break is necessary to perform activities that are to bring the water in the swimming pool to the proper parameters, as well as due to the waiting time for the results of the repeated water test”.

Bacteria in kindergarten

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Last week we reported the first case of legionella in Masovia. The bacteria has been detected in kindergarten number 20 at Sempołowska Street in Warsaw’s Śródmieście district. The facility was not closed, but close cooperation with the Sanitary Inspectorate and its recommendations were followed.

The first cases of the disease were recorded on July 30 in Rzeszów in Podkarpacie. The peak of the disease was recorded between August 12 and 16. The health department learned about mass infections on August 17. Since then, an investigation has been underway to determine the source of the legionella infections. It is unknown for now.

Legionella and legionellosis

Legionellosis is a type of severe pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacteria. According to the Sanepid website, the legionella bacterium is found all over the world and is widespread in the environment, and its reservoir is water and wet soil. Legionella pneumophila has been detected in streams, ponds, plumbing systems of hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, faucets and shower strainers, water storage tanks, air conditioning and humidification devices, hot tubs, thermal pools, spa pools, medical devices.

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President of the Management Board of the Municipal Water and Sewage Company in Rzeszów: it is difficult to say that the cause of legionella infection is tap waterTVN24

Legionellosis usually begins with fever, chills, headache and muscle pain. Then, as we read on the website of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), there is a dry cough and breathing problems that can progress to severe pneumonia. About a third of patients also experience diarrhea and vomiting, and about half experience confusion or hallucinations. Most patients require hospitalization and treatment with antibiotics. To diagnose the disease, special laboratory tests must be performed.

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