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Legionowo. One completely drunk, the other “after eating”. City guards released

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Two city guards from Legionowo were released after they were caught on duty under the influence of alcohol. A breathalyzer test showed that one of them had almost three parts per mille in the exhaled air. The proceedings in this case are conducted by the Legionowo police.

It is about two officers of the intervention patrol of the Legionowo city guard. As we learn, they both served on Saturday evening, September 25. Between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., they intervened against a drunk man who was lying in front of an apartment building on Zegrzyńska Street. They transported him to the Poviat Police Headquarters in Legionowo, where the city guard is also located. After their return, their behavior disturbed the city guard on duty. The man dragged the commander into his place.

In an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl, Adam Nadworski, the commander of the municipal guard in Legionowo, confirms that he received information that evening about the suspicious behavior of two officers. – I can confirm that I was at our headquarters that evening, making a surprise check. It is difficult for me to say whether the officers were sober or intoxicated during the intervention. The note they prepared shows that they started it at 7.50pm, and I did my sobriety test at 9.18pm when I showed up at the unit – says Nadworski.

– The gentlemen were supposed to work until 10 p.m., so according to the regulations, they were subordinate to me at that time. If then commit any forbidden acts, I am empowered to react. Having this picture of the situation, I made a decision to test both guards for the alcohol content in the exhaled air – explains the commander. – We did it on a police device, which is calibrated – he emphasizes.

The commandant also gives the results of the tests: in the case of the patrol commander, the first test carried out at 9.18 p.m. gave a result of 2.97 per mille, and the second one at 9.20 p.m. – 2.90 per mille. The second officer, who, according to Nadworski, was a police car driver during Saturday’s duty, “blew” 0.37 per mille in the test by 21.23 and 0.38 per mille in the test carried out five minutes later.

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The police dealt with the case of the guards

We also asked the Poviat Police Headquarters in Legionowo about Saturday’s events. Its press officer, Justyna Stopińska, confirmed that the policemen received a report in the evening about a man lying under the block and that he was actually taken to the police station by city guards. The officers took over the case only on the spot.

– During the police intervention, the commander of the municipal guard in Legionowo reported to the station on duty with a request to check the sobriety of the guards. At the commandant’s request, such a survey was carried out – says Stopińska. He also gives the results consistent with those we received from the commander.

– In connection with the situation, the police officers from the petty offenses team conduct investigations in the direction of article 70, paragraph 2 of the Code of Petty Offenses – informs the policewoman. This article talks about taking up professional duties while drunk. You may be imprisoned or fined for committing this offense. He also announces that the police will explain the circumstances of this case and verify which of the guards was driving the police car that evening and whether he was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

The guards were released

– The employer, i.e. the president of Legionowo, after initiating the investigation and collecting the materials, decided to dismiss both men with immediate effect. From September 28, they are no longer our employees. Such situations absolutely must not take place – emphasizes the commander Nadworski.

One of the guards worked in the Legionowo city guard for 11 years, the other for nine years.

The information about the release of the guards is also confirmed by the city office. – In connection with the incident involving two city guards, we declare that we do not accept this type of behavior. The municipal guard is a public trust service and we expect the highest standards from its officers. Professional consequences have been imposed on the guards and they no longer work in the ranks of the city guard. On the other hand, the commandant conducted training in the code of ethics and planned more frequent, unannounced checks on sobriety among his employees – informs Anna Szwarczewska, head of the Culture and Cooperation Department at the Legionowo city hall.

– We assure you that we will make every effort to ensure that a similar situation does not occur in the future – he adds.

We also informed about the detention of the singer Beata K. for drunk driving:

Beata K. was questioned, but refused to explainTVN24

Author:Klaudia Kamieniarz, Artur Węgrzynowicz

Main photo source: City Hall in Legionowo

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