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Legionowo. They are looking for relatives of a woman whose body has been lying in an apartment for five years

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The prosecutor’s office is trying to reach the family of a woman whose body has been lying in one of the apartments in Legionowo for five years. If it is not possible to confirm the identity of the deceased in one hundred percent, she may be buried as NN (Name Unknown), and the cost of the burial will be covered by social services.

Little is known about the deceased. Despite the documents found, it is difficult to confirm the identity – as initially established by the prosecutor’s office – of an 80-year-old woman. Her corpse lay in the apartment for five years. Identification by means of photos is not possible, the prosecutor’s office is looking for relatives.

DNA testing would help

– This is a problem we will face if this family is not found. If any relatives are found, then we will do DNA tests and this identity will be 100 percent confirmed. However, at the moment it is confirmed at 90 percent. The body is so deformed that even from the ID card photo it is difficult to determine that this is the person – said prosecutor Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska, spokeswoman for the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl

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The prosecutor admitted that it was a big problem. – But for now, let’s not look into the future, maybe we’ll succeed. If it is possible to conduct a test and there is someone to compare this lady’s DNA with, then of course we will do it. If that’s not possible, then we’ll worry.

When asked whether investigators are time-limited in this regard, she replied: – We are still waiting for a full opinion from the forensic medicine department. It’ll be in two or three months. At this time, we determine these relatives. You can try PESEL numbers, databases. The police deal with it. We are not limited in time. The corpse is secured at the forensic medicine facility.

She may be buried as NN

As the prosecutor pointed out, there is time for findings as long as the investigation is ongoing. – Should be completed within three months but can always be extended. As a result, sometimes it takes several years. It depends on the case and its complexity.

Investigators also hope to reach the relatives of the deceased, among other things, due to the fact that the case has become famous in the media.

But what if the relatives are not found? – There is a possibility that you will be buried as NN. But we still establish identity based on what we have without DNA testing. Among other things, an ID card was secured – prosecutor Skrzeczkowska emphasized.

As she summed up, in a situation where the family is not found, social services deal with the burial.

They came to a leaking pipe one floor above

We reported on the case a few days ago on tvnwarszawa.pl. The corpse of a woman were discovered on June 21 in one of the flats at Pałacowa Street in Legionowo. At that time, the prosecutor’s office reported that the services entered the premises due to a water supply failure in the apartment on the floor above. The body of a woman was found in the premises, and during the inspection of the interior, products whose expiry date expired in May 2018 were found. This leads investigators to believe that the death occurred five years ago.

No one had previously reported the woman missing. Preliminary information showed that she had no mechanical injuries.

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