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Legnica. Drunken man hung himself on Christmas decorations

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On Monday, after dusk, Legnica (Lower Silesia) lit up with Christmas illuminations. Already a few hours after lighting the ornaments, the first of them fell victim to a vandal. The drunk 31-year-old tried to swing on the lights.

At the beginning of the week, Christmas decorations appeared on the streets of Legnica. “Many of the youngest inhabitants of Legnica, who love a fairy-tale atmosphere, were waiting for this day” – we read on the Facebook profile of the city hall.


From the Market Square to the sobering-up center

As it turns out, perhaps even more interested were the adults, especially the 31-year-old resident of the city. – We did not wait long for a daredevil who apparently was disturbed by Christmas decorations. A few hours after the official “firing” of the illumination in the Market Square, the city monitoring operator noticed a man climbing one of them, a balloon, say the city guards from Legnica.

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As you can see in the video from the surveillance camera, the man unhooked the four hanging elements of the installation and – with little success – tried to swing on them. The police were notified of the incident and the man was arrested shortly thereafter.

The man hung on the moving parts of the installationLegnica Municipal Police

– On the spot, the officers identified the 31-year-old who was drunk and had more than a per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air. He was taken to the sobering-up center. The representative of the city office has already contacted the officers regarding the notification of the destruction of property – says Anna Grześków from the Legnica police.

“Let us remember Christmas decorations are part of our city, let us not let it destroy its image. We would like such events not to happen. Let these illuminations bring joy to children and adults. Let us take care of them” – appeal the municipal services.

Main photo source: Legnica Municipal Police

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