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Legnica. Fragments of tombstones among paving stones in the parking lot

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Mindlessness and disgrace – this is what representatives of the local historical association say about the entrance to the parking lot in the center of Legnica (Lower Silesia). The stones used to harden the ground there turned out to be fragments of old tombstones. The mayor of the city has already called on the owner of the plot to explain and demolish it.

The car park is located in the very center of the city, at Zamkowa Street. 100 meters from the Piast Castle and 250 meters from the Church of the Virgin Mary.

Hanna Szurczak from the Tiliae Association argues that the entrance had to be paved recently. This is evidenced by the low degree of damage to the plates, as well as the photos visible in Google Street View. – This is a part of the parking lot, in the photos from July 2017 there is still a dirt floor there. The wear of the stones and their condition indicate that they were laid quite recently, says Szurczak. The association she represents is involved in, inter alia, a small post-German cemetery at Szczytnicka Street on the outskirts of the city.

The plates are broken to piecesTiliae Association

Such a controversial entrance to the parking lot looked like in July 2017Google Street View

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The Tiliae Association was notified by a resident of the city who is also interested in local history. First, it was about a single piece of board lying among the cubes. – A friend went to see it and discovered that it is not only one album, but more – explains Hanna Szurczak. Unfortunately, the stones are broken into pieces that are too small to be able to read specific names or dates (only one of them clearly shows the month and year – 9/9 1926; the other probably has the beginning of the name – “Ann”). It is also very possible that more CDs are lying on the ground.

– It is a big shame for the city that something like this happened – says Legniczanka.

The inscriptions on the CDs are impossible to readTiliae Association

The association has not yet notified the monuments conservator’s office. – I don’t think it’s breaking any rules. Tombstones of this type, i.e. slabs, are ex officio not covered by conservation protection. I suspect the restorer will not be interested in investigating how it happened. Until we find evidence that these stones were whole and were destroyed and fragmented by some stonemason, he can always say that it was in the old dump and he reused the stones. That is why we asked the president to intervene – says Hanna Szurczak.

The office of the district conservator of monuments has confirmed that no notification of this matter has been received so far.

The car park is located in the very center of the city, at Zamkowa StreetTiliae Association

The records will go to the lapidarium?

The activists contacted the city authorities in the hope that Mayor Tadeusz Krzakowski would demand that the landowner remove the cobblestones and the slabs could be inspected. “(…) we believe that such use of the traces of the former inhabitants of our city brings shame to the entire society of Legnica, so eagerly visited by the descendants of former Legnica inhabitants. We expect that we will be able to find a contractor and oblige him to eliminate the” pavement “and transfer the material to the care of people dealing with the lapidarium “- we read in the letter sent on May 25 to the Legnica city office.

Activists ask for help from the presidentTiliae Association

– Our assumption is that there can be more of these albums. If they are undamaged, then they could be placed in the lapidary at the municipal cemetery. However, if we fail to prove that these are slabs from the Legnica cemetery, then we deal with such a small cemetery on Szczytnicka Street, there is a part of the cemetery completely devoid of tombstones. We could offer the city a lapidarium there – suggests the interlocutor tvn24.pl

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On June 1, the Tiliae Association reported on social media that the city council had sent a reply. It shows that the owner (whose data was blurred by activists before the publication of the letter to avoid stigmatization) in May 2017 “received permission to dispose of the real estate of the Legnica Commune located within the Old Town (…) in order to harden the area in the vicinity of the building ul. Zamkowa 8 “. Officials also confirmed that the hardening was made of German tombstones and called on the owner of the plot to explain and inform the city hall and the association about the date of the demolition.

“At the same time, I oblige the company (…) to remove fragments of history from the pavement,” reads the document. In turn, the Tiliae Association announced that it would establish direct contact to take care of the records.

The officials reactedTiliae Association / Facebook

Main photo source: Tiliae Association

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