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Legnica. He killed a nurse for a few hundred zlotys and a chain. The Supreme Court overturned the verdict, there will be another trial

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The Supreme Court overturned the 25-year prison sentence for Paweł P., who in 2019 killed a nurse in her own apartment in Legnica, then robbed her and spent the money on slot machines. The court’s decision means that the man will be tried again. The prosecutor’s office appealed against the verdict, demanding life imprisonment for the killer.

It is about the murder of a 45-year-old nurse from Legnica and the theft of a gold chain belonging to her and PLN 450. Paweł P. was found guilty of this crime. The district court sentenced him to life imprisonment. The sentence was later reduced to 25 years by an appeals court.

Now, the Supreme Court has accepted the prosecutor general’s cassation, repealed the sentence on the man and remanded the case to the appellate court for re-examination.

The Supreme Court does not believe in social rehabilitation of the killer

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Judge Kazimierz Klugiewicz, arguing this decision, emphasized that the appellate court conducted the appeal review in an unreliable manner. – No one takes the perpetrator’s life, this life will have a different form, but the victim no longer has any life. We found that the appellate court, when changing the sentence, reducing the penalty and assessing the premises that formed the basis for the penalty, did so in a rather unreliable manner and contrary to the evidence collected in this case. Things are not as they were done by the appellate court, the judge explained.

According to the Supreme Court, the court of appeal did not sufficiently justify why the life sentence is grossly disproportionate. – The court of appeal should show where the court of first instance made a mistake. On the other hand, the role of the appellate court is not to present its own version and type of sentencing, emphasized the Supreme Court.

He also emphasized that Paweł P.’s addiction to gambling was not a circumstance that should have had a positive impact on his punishment. – If for the fulfillment of one’s whims, i.e. a visit to an arcade, one sacrifices the life of another human being, this is conduct that deserves a strict assessment – ​​argued the judge.

According to the Supreme Court, the killer’s action was well thought out and shows a high degree of demoralization. – He’s not a young man anymore. He was 38 years old at the time of the act. (…) What do we hope that now he will return to his youth and shape his personality in a responsible way? – emphasized the court.

The murder took place in one of the blocks in LegnicaTVN24 Wroclaw | D. Rudnicki

The circumstances of the crime

The murder of a woman took place in October 2019 in one of the housing estates in Legnica. The murdered woman worked as a nurse at the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Legnica.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the woman was attacked from behind as she entered her apartment. The man forced her into the apartment. In the hall, he gave the woman several blows on the head with a metal pipe. The victim fell to the floor, and when she tried to get up, Paweł P. hit her again and started choking her. The woman died of choking.

After the murder, Paweł P. tore off a gold chain from the victim’s neck, took a wallet from the handbag lying next to it and took PLN 450 from it. According to the investigators, the man also turned off the woman’s mobile phone so that she could not be contacted, and then left the apartment, locking it from the outside with the victim’s keys.

“The accused returned to his relatives’ apartment, where he changed clothes. He packed the bloody clothes, the murder weapon and the victim’s keys into a backpack, and then threw them away walking towards the city center. pawned the victims in a pawnshop, receiving 700 zlotys for it” – Lidia Tkaczyszyn, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Legnica, informed about the indictment.

Sealed door to the apartment of a 45-year-old womanTVN24 Wroclaw | M. Cepin

Cancellation to the SN

In October 2021, the Legnica district court found Paweł P. guilty of depriving a woman of life in connection with a robbery and sentenced him to life imprisonment. However, this verdict was changed by the Court of Appeal in Wrocław. In April 2022, the court reduced the sentence to 25 years in prison.

The Prosecutor General did not agree with this ruling, submitting a cassation appeal to the Supreme Court, in which he requested that the judgment be set aside in the part concerning the penalty and the case be remitted to the Court of Appeal in Wrocław for reconsideration. In the cassation it was emphasized that the ruthless and cruel behavior of the perpetrator testifies to the exceptional determination to carry out the intention of killing with base motives. The cassation also pointed to the man’s high demoralization and low chance of social rehabilitation.

Main photo source: TVN24 Wroclaw | D. Rudnicki

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