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Legnica. She caught the burglar, the 37-year-old is dead, her daughter is badly injured

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The police in Legnica (Lower Silesia) detained a 36-year-old man suspected of murdering a 37-year-old woman, seriously injuring her daughter and bodily harming another woman staying at home. According to the prosecutor’s office, the man broke into the building with the purpose of robbery.

The incident took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a single-family house at ul. Stream in Legnica. – Around 1 a.m. the police were called to the intervention of a detached house. On the spot, the police found the body of a 37-year-old woman, said the District Prosecutor in Legnica, Radosław Wrębiak, on Monday.

The woman had knife wounds. – At the same time, the 14-year-old daughter of the murdered woman was transported to the hospital in Legnica, also with knife injuries – said the prosecutor.

There was another woman in the house where the murder took place. She was wounded in the hand with a knife.

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Prosecutor’s office: probably broke in, got caught

After a short search, the police arrested the man in the bushes next to the house. – This is 36-year-old Wiktor R. The man most likely broke into the house for robbery. He was discovered by a woman to whom he inflicted injuries in the neck and chest area, causing her death, reported prosecutor Wrębiak.

The woman’s screams were heard by her 14-year-old daughter. The offender inflicted four blows to the chest with a knife. Another woman was hit in the hand by the attacker; then ran out of the building.

Wrębiak reported that the 14-year-old underwent life-saving surgery in the hospital. “She is in a serious but stable condition,” the prosecutor said.

Suspected in the prosecutor’s office, he had a previous conviction

The suspect of the crime is a 36-year-old citizen of Legnica, who will hear charges of murder, attempted murder and causing bodily injury on Monday. Wiktor R. was previously punished many times for theft and bodily harm to one person.

The victims were Ukrainian citizens who rented rooms in a single-family house.

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