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Legnica. The 22-year-old was walking down the street with a gun. Brave arrest by the police. Recording

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Residents of a village near Legnica alerted the police that a man with a gun in his hand was walking on the street and looking around the property. The policemen spotted the person and overpowered him. It turned out that the 22-year-old had a gun for which no license is required. However, according to the police, he committed a misdemeanor because he disturbed the peace of the residents.

The incident took place on May 13 near Legnica in Lower Silesia. The police informed about him on Saturday, June 3.

As Tomasz Nowak from the press office of the Lower Silesian Police told us, around 1 p.m., the command in Legnica received a report from frightened residents that a man with a gun in his hand was walking around the nearby streets and looking around the properties. – It went from Ziemnice towards Legnica, through several towns – Nowak clarifies.

Footage from police cameras

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Officers of the Independent Police Prevention Subunit in Legnica were sent to the site. They noticed the described person who had an object resembling a firearm in his hand. What happened next, we can see in the recording published by the police.

The police officers get out of the police car and run towards the man with the gun drawn towards him, shouting, “Give up the gun! To the ground, to the ground! Get down on the ground!

He didn’t run away, he didn’t threaten, but he disturbed the peace

The arrested man is a 22-year-old. He doesn’t live in the neighborhood he used to go to. What will it be responsible for?

The footage from the police cameras is very dynamic. When questioned by us, Tomasz Nowak admitted that the man did not run away and followed the officers’ orders. It also turned out that the gun he had in his hand did not require a permit. Did the 22-year-old threaten anyone, accost the residents, try to enter someone else’s property?

“It doesn’t come from the reports,” says Nowak. – We can move on the street with weapons for which no license is required. But we must reckon with the fact that we will disturb the peace of residents and public order. And this is how this event is considered – as such an offense – explains the officer.

The 22-year-old was under the influence of alcohol, the test showed over the legal limit in his body. He was brought into police custody.

Main photo source: Lower Silesian Police

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