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Legnica. While escaping, he fatally hit a woman and will be charged with murder

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24-year-old Vadym L., who fatally hit a 21-year-old woman while escaping from the police, faces life imprisonment. He was drunk and had two driving bans. An indictment in this case was submitted to the District Court in Legnica.

The spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Legnica, Prosecutor Lidia Tkaczyszyn, announced that the remaining charges in the indictment concern driving under the influence of alcohol, despite the ban on driving all motor vehicles issued twice by the courts, and failure to stop for a road check.

The accused pleaded guilty to committing the acts he was charged with. He couldn’t explain his actions. He faces life imprisonment.

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He drank with his friends all night long

The findings of the investigation conducted by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Legnica show that on the night of July 18-19, 2023, Vadym L. spent drinking alcohol with other people. In the morning, he got behind the wheel of his friend’s Ford Focus and drove to the city. In the vicinity of ul. Nowodworska and Jaworzyńska in Legnica, the car driven by the accused was noticed by police officers. The officers were looking for this Ford because they had earlier reported a drunk driver getting into a car in front of one of the stores. When the police saw the car they were looking for, they used light and sound signals to signal the driver to stop. When the Ford didn’t stop, they gave chase.

Vadym L., running away from the police, drove into the street. Fiołkowa, where the speed limit was 30 km/h. According to expert opinions, he was driving along a residential street at a speed of 75-80 km/h.

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A drunk driver was detained in LegnicaKMP in Legnica

She was walking on the sidewalk and died

At that time, a young woman was walking along the road. Vadym L. at one point lost control of the car, drove to the left side of the road and hit a woman walking on the side of the road. The force of the impact was so great that the woman was thrown over the fence of one of the houses. She died on the spot. The driver was detained by the police.

As the test showed, Vadym L. had 2.4 per mille of alcohol in his body. Due to two previous judgments of Polish courts from 2022, he was banned from driving any motor vehicles for three and two years.

– Vadym L., driving a car in a state of significant intoxication and grossly violating road traffic regulations while driving, at least accepted the possibility of hitting and taking the life of the injured woman, which justified the charge of murder – emphasized prosecutor Tkaczyszyn.

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A drunk driver was detained in LegnicaKMP in Legnica

The recording from the accident in Legnica was leaked online

The entire incident was recorded by one of the home surveillance cameras. The recording that was leaked online is very graphic. It shows a woman walking down the street, and after a while, behind her back, a speeding car of a man fleeing from the police appears in the frame. The woman turns around at the last moment, it is too late to react.

The vehicle hits it with force. The force of the impact is so great that the woman is thrown high into the air, then flies helplessly several meters, hits the sharp fence of the house and lands on a private property with no signs of life.

During these few seconds, the perpetrator’s car hits three vehicles parked on the street and stops. A moment later, a police car chasing the man arrives at the scene. The recording ends when the officers exit the police vehicle.

According to the police, the 24-year-old Ford driver had over two per mille of alcohol in his exhaled air.

A drunk driver was detained in LegnicaKMP in Legnica

A drunk driver was detained in LegnicaKMP in Legnica

Main photo source: KMP in Legnica

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