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LEGO Masters with a new juror. What can you win?

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LEGO Masters is back. In autumn, brick enthusiasts will compete for the fourth time for the title of LEGO master, a set of bricks worth PLN 10,000 and a prize of PLN 100,000. The program will be led by Marcin Prokop. The skills and creativity of the participants will be assessed by Pola Lisowicz, a graphic designer already known to viewers, and Wojciech Łozowski, a new juror. How will it work?

Wojciech Łozowski, singer and actor, declares that he is a fan of iconic blocks. “I got my first LEGO bricks from my parents in 1987. (…) Just like when I was a kid, and now, when I’m older, I sometimes like to assemble something. This crazy last year was conducive to returning to the old passion” – wrote two on Instagram years ago.

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In December Łozowski was a guest in the studio “LEGO Masters”. In the Christmas episode, he tried his hand as a contestant. Together with his friend Piotr Baczyński, they created a Christmas building enclosed in a snow globe, fighting for the title of Lego Masters Christmas Champion.

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"Lego Masters".  Wojciech Łozowski and Piotr Baczyński

Łozowski and Baczyński appeared in the Christmas episode of the program

Who is Wojciech Łozowski

Łozowski comes from Olsztyn. He grew up in a house where dance reigned – his father was a two-time Polish champion in Latin American dances. – In fact, I discovered Wojtek when he was 5-6 years old and he fell in love with dancing, because he is a restless spirit – recalls Iwona Pavlović in “Kulisach Famy”. – Wojtek left Olsztyn because he was probably suffocating. He quickly quit dancing. If he had danced longer, he could have made a dancing career – he adds.

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In 2004, “Łozo” together with Tomson, or Tomek Lach, founded Afromental. Lozowski was a vocalist. “It was a period when we really had no competition. The awards were pouring in, we won the MTV Europe Awards. (…) we won various awards and festivals, there was a lot of it – recalls Baron. They recorded four albums together. After 13 years, at the peak of popularity, Łozowski left the band. The fans were surprised. “Łozo” was at the peak of his fame. Not only as the frontman of the band, but also as an MTV presenter and show business star: he appeared in “Dancing with the Stars”, hosted programs, received awards.

– I had a different idea for life, I needed to find other paths. I wanted to have time for other hobbies, go to acting school … But, won’t we get together again sometime to play some concerts? I don’t know, I’m very happy and I think we’ll do it someday – explains the musician in “Kulisach Fame”. He does not hide that he had health problems: he fought depression, anxiety neurosis, heart problems. “Life dragged my hand” – he said in interviews. He underwent heart ablation (cardiac surgery using electricity) and a two-year recovery period. He returned to show business changed. “After such a break, I feel a bit like a rookie,” he says. He declares that he is a fan of therapy and “works a lot on himself”. He is recording his first solo album, he wants to take up acting (he has played roles in the series “39 ​​and a half” and in the blockbuster “Planeta singles”). Over the last year, he made himself known to TVN viewers, appearing in “Azja Express”, a special edition of “Millionaires”. He also hosted the Fryderyk awards gala. “There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to put my fingers in and see how I can handle it. I certainly wouldn’t want shallow, simple things – I’ve done a couple of those. They’re OK to play a couple of episodes. I would like a project in which I could prove myself – he explains in “What a week”. Now it’s the turn of “LEGO Masters”.

What is the prize in “LEGO Masters”

“LEGO Masters” is a format created in 2017 for the British Channel 4, which has editions of e.g. In USAAustralia Germany and the Netherlands. In the program, pairs of participants compete against each other, whose task is to arrange Lego bricks. Their struggles are evaluated by a jury. At the end of each episode, one duo leaves the show. There are three pairs in the final. In the Polish edition, the winners receive a set of LEGO bricks and a prize of PLN 100,000. zlotys.

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Main photo source: Mateusz Grochocki/DDTVN/East News

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