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Łęka, Nowy Sacz. Tauron moved the storks’ nest to a safe place. The reason for power outages and the safety of birds

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Power engineers in Łęka (Małopolska) pulled down a 200-kilogram crow’s nest from a 20-meter high-voltage pole and moved it to a safe place. The pole on which the bird’s dwelling was placed was prepared especially for storks – so that they do not pose a threat to themselves or to high-voltage power lines.

In Lesser Poland’s Łęka, storks built their nest on a 20-metre high-voltage power pole. An unfortunate place to say the least, because not only was it a danger to the birds themselves, but also falling branches, droppings and garbage carried by storks caused power cuts for the inhabitants of the Nowy Sącz area.

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Moving the crow’s nest in Łęka (Małopolskie Voivodeship)TAURON

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During the weekend – even before the arrival of the birds – Tauron’s power engineers moved the storks’ accommodation to a safer place. The nest was placed on another pole with a platform specially adapted to the birds’ needs.

Moving the crow’s nest in Łęka (Małopolskie Voivodeship)TAURON

“Moving” under the supervision of an ornithologist

To remove the nest from the extremely high pole, power engineers had to use specialized equipment. These were devices that first raised the nest and then allowed it to be safely lowered to the ground. The power line had to be shut down temporarily. Due to the welfare of animals, the “moving” was supervised by an ornithologist.

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Moving the crow’s nest in Łęka (Małopolskie Voivodeship)TAURON

– According to recent data, more than 60 percent of nests are located on power poles. This is the effect of the landscape that has been transforming for several decades, from which the houses with thatched roofs have disappeared. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find free-standing, habitable trees. Power poles have become an ideal alternative, and at the same time safe due to limited accessibility for intruders, emphasizes Kazimierz Walasz, an ornithologist from the Małopolska Ornithological Society in Krakow, quoted in the Tauron communiqué.

The nest is waiting for the arrival of the storks

As power engineers emphasize, birds usually live on much lower low-voltage or occasionally medium-voltage poles. “They are easier to access, and after the power engineers have installed a platform under the nest, the storks are basically safe, and the electricity is transmitted without interference. It is also easy to carry out maintenance work on such nests” – reads Tauon’s release.

Moving the crow’s nest in Łęka (Małopolskie Voivodeship)TAURON

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At this point, the construction of the platform was impossible due to the construction of the power pole. Therefore, the operation of moving the nest weighing 200 kilograms with a diameter of two meters was necessary. “Now the nest will be waiting for the arrival of storks” – we read in the release.

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Tauron informed that there are over 2,200 stork nests all over Poland on poles managed by the company. Every year, power engineers undertake about 100 interventions on nests, during which platforms are installed, stork nests are cleaned or moved to safe places.

Main photo source: TAURON

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