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Lekna. They tore up the pavement, discovered a wooden road. “2023 archaeological message”

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During road works carried out on the market square in Łekno (Wielkopolska), a wooden pavement was discovered. According to preliminary estimates, the road may be 500 years old. “It’s breathtaking” – stressed the Association of Łekna Lovers.

Towarzystwo Miłośników Łekna informed that wooden cobblestones were found in the local market in recent days during work related to the replacement of the surface.

Archaeologists at workMarcin Krzepkowski/Regional Museum in Wągrowiec

“Wooden pavement tentatively dated to the 15th century”

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“Archaeological news for 2023. During road works to replace the surface, a ‘wooden road’ was found on the market square in Łekno, i.e. a wooden pavement initially dated to the 15th century from today’s shot” – they informed.

An exposed piece of wooden pavementMarcin Krzepkowski/Regional Museum in Wągrowiec

Exploratory and securing works are carried out by a group of students under the supervision of Dr. Marcin Krzepkowski from the Regional Museum in Wągrowiec.

Bird’s-eye viewMarcin Krzepkowski/Regional Museum in Wągrowiec

“The view of the wooden road is breathtaking. The year for Łekno seems to be exceptional; the renovation of the old town was the reason for finding a gold coin from the Jagiellonian era in the garden on the street” – the organization reported on its social media.

In Łekno, the project “Reconstruction and development of the market square with a communication system in the medieval part of the former town of Łekno” is being implemented.

Originally, Łekno was a duke’s town, mentioned in 1136 in the bull of Pope Innocent II, for the Gniezno church as a castellany. The second mention is contained in the foundation document for the Cistercian monastery from 1153. It was the oldest Cistercian abbey in Wielkopolska.

Main photo source: Marcin Krzepkowski/Regional Museum in Wągrowiec

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