Leluchowo, province Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Temporary control on the border with Slovakia – car traffic restored


In Leluchów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship), car traffic returns to the border crossing with Slovakia from Thursday. The Carpathian Border Guard Department announced that travel will be possible for citizens of European Union countries and their spouses and children.

At the Polish-Slovak border at midnight from Tuesday to Wednesday by regulation Ministry of Interior and Administration border control was temporarily restored. Inspections are carried out only at the entrance to Poland.

You can only cross the border in designated places. Until midnight this includes, among others: eight road crossings: in Muszynka, Piwniczna Zdrój, Jurgów and Chyżne (Lesser Poland Voivodeship), Radoszyce and Barwinek (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) and in Korbielów and Zwardoń (Silesian Voivodeship).

The driver drove into barriers at the border crossing with Slovakia. Didn’t he notice that controls were introduced?

The crossing in Leluchów is open from Thursday

However, from midnight on Thursday, the crossing in Leluchów will also be opened to car traffic, but only for citizens of European Union and European Free Trade Association member states and their spouses and children. An amendment to the regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration on this matter has already been published in the Journal of Laws.

Leluchów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship), after control was restored on Wednesday, functioned as one of eleven pedestrian crossings. Residents and entrepreneurs of this border town protested against this decision at night. Due to this situation, Jan Golba, the mayor of Muszyna, where the border crossing in Leluchów is located, intervened with the Małopolska Voivode on Wednesday morning. The mayor pointed out that residents were completely surprised by the closure of the border to cars.

“There was a lot of chaos”

– Previously, there was no question of closing border crossings, only controls, which is why there was a lot of chaos. Travelers from the Slovak side did not know about the closure, so in the morning there was a large traffic jam on the southern side of the border, Golba said. Confused Slovaks drove up to the crossing in cars. There was a line of cars just before the border, and travelers had to leave their vehicles and cross the border on foot.

The mayor explained that the border crossing in Leluchów has its own specificity – there are many things accumulated here economic activities operating on both sides of the border. On the border itself, several dozen entrepreneurs conduct various types of trade, including perishable goods such as meat, dairy products and flowers. Therefore, a group of residents and entrepreneurs making a living from border trade protested against the restrictions introduced and blocked the passage of military vehicles.

Polish-Slovak border. Which transitions will work?

In total, there will be nine road crossings on the Polish-Slovak border, three railway crossings (Łupków in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Muszyna in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and Zwardoń in the Silesian Voivodeship), and ten pedestrian crossings: Ożenna (Podkarpackie), Konieczna, Niedzica, Łysa Polana , Chochołów and Winiarczykówka (Lesser Poland Voivodeship), Ujsoły, Bór, Zwardoń and Jaworzynka (Silesian Voivodeship). Pedestrian crossings and road crossings in Leluchów are only for citizens of EU and EFTA countries.

Checks upon entry to Poland are carried out randomly, based on risk analysis. When crossing the border at designated places, you must have your ID or passport with you. Crossing the border outside such places, including the so-called tourist border crossings, e.g. mountain ones in the Tatra Mountains, are not allowed.

Head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński announced on Tuesday decision to restore control he justified that in recent months the so-called the Balkan route, one of its branches leading through Slovakia. For now, in accordance with the procedure in Schengen zone the inspection has been resumed for 10 days, but will most likely be extended.

Main photo source: TVN24

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