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Lenticular clouds appeared over the Tatra Mountains. How are they created? see photos

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Exceptionally picturesque clouds with an interesting shape appeared over the Tatra Mountains. Reporters 24 managed to photograph them.

Kontakt 24 received photos of rare clouds that hung in the area on Sunday Tatra Mountains. “This view will stay with me forever,” wrote an Internet user who had the opportunity to admire nature’s spectacle at Giewont.

The clouds visible in the photographs, which sometimes resemble flying saucers, are lenticular clouds – altocumulus lenticularis. They are created during foehn phenomena. These include, among others, halny, i.e. warm and dry wind blowing from the mountains towards the valleys. These motionless clouds lie parallel to the mountain line and at right angles to the wind direction.

Main photo source: Contact 24

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