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Lesser Poland. He was passing on the crosswalk and did not give way to the pedestrian. The police present the recording

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He passed a car whose driver stopped at a pedestrian crossing and drove right in front of the woman. As a warning, the police published a recording of this “gross traffic offense”.

The video shows the driver passing another vehicle that had stopped to give way to a pedestrian on a crosswalk. It had to stop to avoid falling under the wheels.

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The pedestrian was forced to stop at the crossingKWP Kraków

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“Overtaking immediately before or at a pedestrian crossing and passing a vehicle that was traveling in the same direction but stopped to give way to a pedestrian are offenses that contribute to the occurrence of road accidents with dangerous consequences involving vulnerable road users” – reminds the Małopolska police.

A driver who commits similar behavior should expect to receive a fine of PLN 1,500 and 15 penalty points.

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Main photo source: KWP Kraków

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