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Lesser Poland, Podkarpacie, Świętokrzyskie. Big police action. CBŚP about hitting hooligans: “Dekaz”, “Stalin” and “Lollipop” detained

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Nearly 500 officers took part in an action against a gang of hooligans. – There are 25 suspects in the investigation, including Mariusz Z., Dominik K. “Dekaz”, Norbert R. “Stalin” and Michał L. “Lizak”, who have been charged with leading this gang, reports sub-inspector Iwona Jurkiewicz from the Central Investigation Bureau the police. Gang members are suspected of, among others, drug offences, robberies, robbery extortion and beatings.

Subinsp. Jurkiewicz said that once again the officers targeted hooligans of sports clubs who committed crimes in southern Poland as part of organized criminal groups – mainly in the Lesser Poland and Podkarpackie provinces. – In order to minimize this phenomenon, disorganize the criminal environment and break up gangs, but also due to the nature, scale and area of ​​​​committed crimes, the Chief Police Commander decided to establish a special investigation group under the leadership of the Central Police Investigation Bureau – emphasized the policewoman.

Secured samurai sword and machete

500 officers took part in the actionCBSP

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The special group included Krakow and Rzeszów policemen CBSP, the Provincial Police Headquarters and the Municipal Police Headquarters in Krakow and the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów, as well as officers of the Carpathian Border Guard Unit. – The first result of the work of the special group was the recently carried out huge implementation, in which nearly 500 officers participated. The activities were carried out in the Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie voivodeships, she said. During the operation, the officers detained 18 people, and another seven suspects were brought from the detention center where they were held in connection with other ongoing proceedings. – The officers secured a samurai sword, a machete, other dangerous tools and narcotics. The equivalent of over PLN 440,000 in various currencies, six vehicles with a total value of approximately PLN 400,000 were secured against future fines, added a spokeswoman for CBŚP. – Officers of the Carpathian Border Guard Unit took part in the activities carried out in the Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie voivodeships. This is yet another involvement of the department’s officers in this case. Earlier, together with the CBŚP police officers, they secured 40 kilograms of marijuana smuggled in pallets with bottles of wine – stressed the press spokesperson of the commandant of the Carpathian Border Guard Unit, Major Dorota Kądziołka.

24 people were arrestedCBSP

Charges against 25 people, including the alleged boss of a hooligan gang

The suspects in this case were brought to the Małopolska Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow. – The prosecutor presented charges to 25 people in total, including Mariusz Z., Dominik K. ps. Dekaz, Norbert R. ps. Stalin and Michał L. ps. Lollipop allegations of leading an organized criminal group. The remaining persons were charged with, among other things, participation in an organized criminal group, the Press Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office informed. The prosecutor’s office adds that Magdalena K. is also among the suspects, who has heard allegations of committing drug offenses as part of co-management of an organized criminal group. Other allegations concern drug offences, including participation in trading in large amounts of drugs, robberies, including one during which the suspects took cash from the victim in the amount of EUR 30,000.

Allegations against Magdalena K. TVN24

The suspects will also be charged with robbery extortion, burglary, during which they took a painting worth EUR 50,000, as well as beatings with the use of dangerous objects, which took place in Kraków, Bielsko Biała and the Netherlands. “Some of the detainees also heard allegations regarding, among others, the establishment of a synthetic drug laboratory in the Staszów poviat in the Świętokrzyskie province, from which the substances produced were distributed in Lesser Poland, and the smuggling of a significant amount of drugs” – noted the press department of the prosecutor’s office.

24 people in custody

The investigators point out that due to the need to secure the proper course of the proceedings, the real fear of subterfuge and the severe punishment that the suspects face, at the request of the prosecutor, the court applied a preventive measure to 24 suspects in the form of pre-trial detention. In relation to one person, the prosecutor applied a preventive measure in the form of police supervision. The charges may be punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Main photo source: CBSP

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