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Lesser Poland. The effects of heavy rains. The streets of Krakow turned into streams

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In Krakow, where there are many flooded streets, local flooding has occurred. The most difficult situation is in the Bieżanów district. There, the Serafa River flooded many apartments. Firefighters, who received 1,000 reports, evacuated several people. Wieliczka suffered a lot. In the village of Zielonki, north of Krakow, the streets turned into streams. The inhabitants of this town emphasize that this is not the first such situation.

As a result of heavy rains in and around Krakow, there have been many floods since Thursday, and roads and streets have also been flooded. – We have accepted almost a thousand applications in the city and district of Krakow – said on Friday night Thursday on Friday the Press Officer of the City Commander of St. Cpt. Bartłomiej Rosiek. In Wieliczka, the local Poviat Headquarters and RGU of the State Fire Service were flooded, which hindered the work of the Poviat Commandant’s Command Post.

In Krakow, the most difficult situation is in the Bieżanów district. There, the Serafa River rose from its banks. – On the Serafa River, the water overflowed through the crowns of the embankments and flooded some of the streets around Bieżanowska and Półłanka. Dozens of houses were flooded. In some places, the water can be up to a meter and higher. Flats on the ground floor, basements and garages are flooded. We had to evacuate a few elderly people. They were transferred to emergency medical teams – he explained.


Flooded streets of Zielonki near Krakow

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Firefighters fill the bags with sand, bring them to the inhabitants and strengthen the dikes. – We are counting on good forecasts from the very morning, if the water starts to fall, it will make any sense to pump it out – emphasized Rosiek. The press officer announced that the situation was very difficult in the Zielonki commune. According to information posted on social media, the DW-794 in Zielonki is completely impassable, and it was flooded.

– We’re standing in the river. The rivers have joined and everything will flood with this dirty muck, it’s a pity to talk – said one of the inhabitants of Zielonki. – I saved some goods, because I created goods for goods, a pallet for a pallet, which I managed. But the warehouse, unfortunately, flooded me. The hands drop. It is built, it is licensed and nothing is done about dehydration, he added.

Another resident also stressed that the authorities must take action to address the flooding. – Now we have a storm aura and it is flooding people. There were situations when the water was as high as the pavement, it did not accept the storm drain, it happens. But now it’s a massacre, he said.

– It rained for several hours and the rain has nowhere to collect. There is concrete everywhere. The wells are clogged. It happens after each specific downpour – commented a resident of Zielonki near Krakow.

The effects of heavy rains in ZielonkiTVN24

Two people were evacuated in Chabówka

– The main activities consisted of pumping out water from flooded basements of buildings, clearing culverts and removing windbreaks from communication routes – told the young Cpt. Grzegorz Trzeciak from the State Fire Service.

– In several places we use bags with a strap to protect the property against flooding – said a spokesman of the Małopolska State Fire Service, Junior Brigade. Sebastian Woźniak. This is the case in Krakow at ul. Seweryn Udziela, in Wilczkowice at ul. Oświęcimska, where the high-capacity pump and sludge pumps are operating, in Brzeszcze at ul. Naz Zieleniece and in Kęty. In Chabówka, due to the rising water in Raba, two people were evacuated from a nearby property.

Flooded streets in KrakowPAP / Łukasz Gągulski

Main photo source: TVN24

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