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Lesser Poland. The European Commission wants the anti-LGBT resolution to be withdrawn. The region may lose billions of zlotys – officials are alarming

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Małopolska may lose billions of EU money, because it has adopted a resolution discriminating against LGBT people – the deputy marshal of the Małopolskie voivodship warns. The resolution was adopted two years ago, but perhaps now we will have to pay for it. The European Commission gave the regional council two months to invalidate the resolution.

– In connection with the so-called anti-LGBT resolutions, the European Commission may suspend EU funds for Małopolska, warns Tomasz Urynowicz, the Vice-Marshal of the Małopolska Province, of the Agreement. And he calls for the annulment of the so-called anti-LGBT resolutions passed in 2019 just before the parliamentary elections.

As Urynowicz says, the situation is getting more and more serious. The European Commission has warned so far, now it is talking about specific consequences and is giving an ultimatum. If Małopolska does not withdraw from the discriminatory anti-LGBT resolution, it cannot be ruled out that it will not be able to count on EU funds. – Małopolska may lose money from the new financial perspective, i.e. over EUR 2.5 billion, i.e. over PLN 11 billion. We may also have problems settling the current perspective. Funds for the promotion of the region may also be frozen, reports Aneta Regulska, TVN24 reporter.


According to Urynowicz, these funds are needed for such obvious things as renovation of roads or investments in education, hospitals, or funds to help entrepreneurs. According to the deputy marshal, the only right solution in this situation will be to withdraw from the anti-LGBT declaration. – I think that sometimes in politics you have to draw conclusions from your own decisions – emphasized the Deputy Marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

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They appealed not to underestimate the matter

The representatives of the Polish Coalition also referred to the matter. – The local government in Poland is not meant to pursue an ideological policy. Declarations written on the knee cause problems – assessed MP Ireneusz Raś, referring to the issue of the possible loss of EU funds by Małopolska. During a press briefing in Krakow, the members of the Polish Coalition appealed not to underestimate the issue that, in their opinion, may affect the payment of EU funds. As they emphasized, it is in the hands of the chairman of the regional council, Jan Duda (PiS), that the decision to correct or withdraw the declaration will be in the near future.

Three weeks have now passed of the two months that the European Commission gave the sejmik to withdraw from the resolution. No decisions have been made yet.

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