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Lesser Poland. WOPR rescue operation on Lake Rożnowskie

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On Saturday afternoon, as a result of a sudden break in the weather, several sailboats and yachts taking part in the regatta on Lake Rożnowskie capsized. WOPR rescuers pulled about 30 people out of the water – fortunately, none of them were seriously injured.

Brigadier Marian Marszałek, spokesman for the Municipal Fire Brigade Headquarters in Nowy Sącz, informed that at 2.30 p.m. firefighters received information about overturned sailboats on Lake Rożnowskie. Regatta was held there.

– The weather was beautiful all day and suddenly it turned black within 15 minutes – said Jarosław Pogwizd, bosun of the WOPR Alarm Post in Barkowa-Posadowa. – The storm was very serious, approaching a “white squall”. Visibility was low and the helmsmen taking part in the regatta did not have time to react – he added.

WOPR rescue operation on Lake RożnowskieWOPR in Nowy Sącz

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WOPR rescue operation on Lake Rożnowskie

Pogwizd reported that about 30 people were injured as a result of this incident. “None of these people required serious medical attention or had to be hospitalized,” the boatswain explained.

“It was so serious that it could have been a disaster, but luckily nothing happened.” We found one of the people in the cabin of the boat turned upside down – he stressed.

Rescuers of the Nowy Sącz WOPR also helped people who stayed on the lake in kayaks and pedal boats, reported the sadeczanin.info portal.

Main photo source: WOPR in Nowy Sącz

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