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Lesser Spotted Eagles are getting ready to take off. Ornithologist: They are extremely punctual

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Lesser spotted eagles living in the Polish Carpathians are getting ready for their departure to Africa. – They disappear from our area almost simultaneously on September 15 – said ornithologist Marian Stój from the Eagle Conservation Committee.

Nearly 450 pairs of lesser spotted eagles (Clanga pomarina). – They are already feeding hard to gain strength. They are restless and make loud shouts as they glide through the air. All this means that they are planning to fly to Africa, said Dr. Marian Stój from the Eagle Conservation Committee on Wednesday. He added that “the departures of the eagles will last only a few days, and they will spend the winter in the savannas in eastern, central and southern Africa”.

There are nearly 2,800 pairs of these birds throughout Poland. – They are most numerous in the north-eastern and south-eastern part of the country – added the naturalist.

Lesser spotted eagles in Poland and Europe

Lesser spotted eagles are most densely populated in Europe in the Low Beskids. Up to a dozen pairs nest there on 100 square kilometers. In south-eastern Poland, apart from the Low Beskids, they are also inhabited by the Bieszczady Mountains, Sanocko-Turczańskie Mountains, Beskid Sądecki and foothills: Przemyskie, Dynowskie, Bukowskie, Strzyżowskie and Jasielskie.

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They also nest in neighboring countries, including Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Slovakia.

Lesser spotted eaglesShutterstock

“Extremely punctual”

According to the ornithologist, they are “exceptionally punctual”. – They are extremely punctual, they disappear from our territories almost simultaneously on September 15 – noted Dr. Stój. Similarly, he explained, “it happens with their returns.” – The first specimens appear in favorable weather in the last days of March, and the main wave around April 10 – said the naturalist.

In his opinion, “this year the eagles’ broods were successful; 75 percent ended with success, that is, in three-quarters of the nests a young one grew up”.

The lesser spotted eagle is about 65 centimeters long, and its wingspan can be up to 170 cm. It feeds on field rodents, amphibians, reptiles and larger insects. It nests in the Carpathians mainly on fir trees; about halfway up the tree

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