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Leszek Miller on the Left and Włodzimierz Czarzasty

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Internal disputes in the Left were commented on by the former prime minister and former head of the SLD, MEP Leszek Miller. – This party, which is functioning at the moment, has nothing to do with internal party democracy – he assessed.

The guest of Saturday’s “One for One” was an MEP and a former prime minister Leszek Miller. As a former Leftist politician (he left the party in March this year), he was asked what he thought about the actions of one of the Left’s leaders, Włodzimierz Czarzasty. In July, he suspended eight deputies from the rights of party members. These politicians replied that the decision was illegal. This month, two MPs, including Tomasz Trela, were reinstated as party members.

– I think badly, because Mr. Włodzimierz Czarzasty liquidated what was very valuable in the SLD, that is, the principles of internal party democracy – he replied.

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Miller: I’m not at war with Czarzsty

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Miller denied that he was “at war” with Czarzasty. – I am not a member of this party. If I had been, Czarzasty would have suspended me immediately. There is no doubt about it, he admitted.

– I am really sorry that the party leader treats his flock as serfs who depend only on him. He can suspend any member of the party at any time, he can hang up, he can refuse to admit to the lists – he enumerated. – We must remember which party leader in Poland today and which party leader previously had such power. There is only one answer: none – he added.

The former prime minister confirmed that, in his opinion, the politicians of the Left “can” be treated as “serfs”, whom he mentioned a moment earlier. – Until recently, Mr. Trela ​​gave the impression that he wanted to throw the gauntlet of Mr. Czarzasty in the election for the chairman. Has been suspended. He was silent for a long time. He was hung up. What is this lesson for everyone else? Be polite – he concluded.

Speaking about the Left, Miller mentioned that when he created the Left, he used the term “democratic” together with the other founders. – It just ended. This party, which is functioning at the moment, has nothing to do with internal party democracy, he said.


Does he assume that the Left can be in the PiS government? “No this term, but the next one,” he replied.

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