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Leszno. Amant with the charges. He stole flowers, didn’t pay for food or hotels

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He would steal and then give the stolen items to his beloved. In addition, he ate in restaurants and stayed in hotels, but he did not pay for it. Police officers from Leszno (Greater Poland Voivodeship) detained a 31-year-old suspected of fraud. The indictment in this case will soon go to court.

In spring, the owner of one of the florists came to the police in Leszno to inform that he had been deceived. According to his account, one of the customers had bought flowers and decorations on an invoice with deferred payment three times. The man did not receive PLN 1,500 overdue.

There were more people cheated

It quickly turned out that there were more people cheated by the local area. – Every week the policemen found more people aggrieved by the 31-year-old. It turned out that the man from October 2020 to March 2021 similarly deceived many people from the Leszno region and neighboring counties. In addition to flowers, he extorted perfumes, massage, hotel and restaurant services. He himself offered RTV installation services, took advance payments for the purchase of material, and then disappeared without a trace, informs Monika Żymełka, the press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Leszno.

As he adds, the man was giving his woman the stolen items.

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After analyzing the materials and questioning all victims and witnesses, the investigators charged a 31-year-old resident of the Kościan district with charges of making 78 frauds for a total amount of over PLN 60,000.

– The man admitted to committing them – says Żymełka.

The indictment against the 31-year-old is ready and will soon be filed with the District Court in Leszno. For fraud, a man is threatened with up to eight years in prison.

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