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Leszno near Warsaw. An albino moose was walking along the road. It’s a real rarity

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At Kontakt 24, we received a recording showing a bright, almost white moose walking along the road running through the Leszno commune near Warsaw. The commander of the Kampinoski Park Guard confirmed that it is an albino that is rarely found in nature.

Mr. Bartłomiej, who met the animal together with his family, claims that it could have been an albino moose. – I read that there are 170 of them in Europe. An incredible sight, he said. He described that the animal was recorded on Easter Sunday, around 7 p.m. He was passing through the Leszno commune. – We were driving with the family, suddenly we saw that the cars in front of us began to slow down and stop. The drivers turned on their hazard lights, I thought maybe there had been an accident. Suddenly I noticed the reason for this behavior of drivers. There was a moose on the side of the road. I’ve seen live moose before, but I’ve never come across a white one. Something amazing – said the interlocutor in an interview with the editorial office of Kontakt 24.

“These are isolated cases”

The commander of the Kampinoski Park Guard, Artur Kenig, confirmed that the animal visible in the video is an albino moose. – That’s right, it’s a moose, a bull, definitely not last year’s, a bit older, but still young. Such moose are a real rarity, isolated cases. Apparently, two or three years ago in the vicinity of the Kaźmierski Forest in Kampinos, a klempa, i.e. a female moose, with a very light color was seen. Perhaps she passed on those genes to him, the commander wonders. At the same time, he sensitized not to approach the elk. “Often people want to take a picture with them, and that can be dangerous. Moose must not be approached, they have their own safety zone, they keep their distance. When this zone is breached, such a moose will try to drive away a potential threat, i.e. a man, he can put his ears down, bow his head, and then run after such a delinquent and if he catches up with him, he will probably kick him – he noted and added that if we want to observe the encountered moose it’s only from a distance.

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Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Bartholomew / Contact24

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