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Lesznowola. The owner of the shop where the minister of Moscow does his shopping: prices have not stagnated

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Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow stated in an interview that she does her shopping “in a local store where prices have not changed”. On Tuesday, a reporter tvnwarszawa.pl checked it. The owner of the shop claims that the prices – as everywhere in Poland – have gone up in his shop.

Minister Moscow did not reveal where to find the facility where “prices have not changed“. On this issue on Tuesday in the mode of senatorial intervention the inquiry was submitted by Krzysztof Brejza and asked the minister to indicate the address.

On Monday, Minister Anna Moskva, in the “Guest of Events” program of Polsat News, answered the question “how to live”? Asked about their daily purchases, Moscow said: “We shop off-line at a local store where these prices have not changed, for which we are grateful to the local supplier. The host asked: – This is a special place. Please tell me where is it? Prices have gone up 30-40 percent everywhere, I’m talking about food.

Prices in the shop where Minister Moska does his shoppingMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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– We also stock up like every household. Nevertheless, I think we all observe that significant support in energy and gas prices allows us to allocate funds for consumer spending, because these prices have been frozen – was the reply of the Minister of Climate.

“Prices haven’t stagnated”

Interia journalists, however, reached the facility mentioned by the minister. It’s about a small grocery store in Lesznowola.

On Tuesday, a reporter from tvnwarszawa.pl, Mateusz Szmelter, went there. He heard that Minister Moscow did indeed shop there, and her husband also appeared. As the store owner said, “the prices in his store have not stood still.” – Just like everywhere in Poland they are going up, so in me – he admitted. “There is no ‘miracle drug’,” he added. In his opinion, the increase did not affect, at most, products such as potatoes. Last year they cost two zlotys – this year the price is the same.

Only potatoes did not increase in price Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

According to the shop owner, the prices of alcohol and more expensive meats went up the most. – Cheaper meats have also become more expensive, but less in percentage terms – he noted.

Prices in the shop where the minister of Moscow does his shoppingMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

How do customers react to higher prices? The owner admitted that “everybody complains, but in general it’s expensive”. In his opinion, when the price of cigarettes goes up, nobody complains. But when, for example, “dairy products are more expensive by up to 50 groszy, it is already noticeable.”

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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