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“Let them drown” by Wojciech Bojanowski with the award of the Film Festival on Human Rights in Naples

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The reportage “Let me drown” by Wojciech Bojanowski received the Samii Yusuf Omar – one of the five main awards of the 13th edition of the Human Rights Film Festival in Naples (Festival del Cinema dei Diritti Umani di Napoli). The festival’s slogan was “PERSECUTED – Life rejected by abuses of power”.

On November 20, during the 13th edition of the Festival of Films on Human Rights in Naples (Festival del Cinema dei Diritti Umani di Napoli), the report of “Superwizjer” TVN24 “Let it tona” directed by Wojciech Bojanowski was recognized with one of the five main prizes of the event – the Samii Yusuf Omar. The photos for the report were taken by Kamil Młyńczyk, the operator of “Fakt” TVN and TVN24.

Bojanowski was a member of the crew of the Sea-Watch 3 ship for several weeks, which is patrolling the sea and trying to save those who will face almost certain death at sea.


Festival of Films on Human Rights in Naples

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The 13th edition of the festival was dedicated to all those who are persecuted in the name of legality, which does not always mean “justice” in their countries of origin or in territories occupied by others. “Even in Western countries, where the democratic tradition seems to be solid, civil disobedience, and even mere manifestations of opposition, are often punished by a very dubious way of interpreting the law,” reads the festival’s description. The 13th Naples Human Rights Film Festival 2021 was intended to “expose this ruthless, barely recognizable form of justice and all people persecuted by systems of power that discriminate against people on ethnic, religious, cultural or gender grounds.”

Prize them. Samii Yusuf Omar

The journalist of “Fakt” TVN and TVN24 was recognized with the award, which was named in tribute to Samii Yusuf Omar – Somali athlete, representative of Somalia during the 29th 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Omar competed in the 200-meter race.

The Somali woman came from a poor family, she was the eldest of six siblings. Her father was killed in 2007 as a result of shelling from the Mogadishu market. She began to train running, contrary to Muslim traditions, in a country where women are reluctant to function in wider social life. Muslim militia repeatedly tried to intimidate her as she ran through the streets of Mogadishu. The difficult situation of the runner was exacerbated by the situation in civil war Somalia. Prior to the Olympics, Samia Yusuf Omar took part in the African Athletics Championships in May 2008, finishing last in her 100m qualifying race. In the 2008 Summer Olympics, she started in the 200m race. In her qualifying series, she took the last, 8th position, with a time of 32.16 seconds. She finished her start, however, applauded by the audience. After the Games, she returned to Poland, but in October 2010 she left for Ethiopia, hoping for a better life. She died tragically, along with other refugees who traveled across the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy across the Mediterranean Sea in April 2012.

Main photo source: TVN24

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