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Letniki. Someone has destroyed the playground where the children are playing football. The perpetrator reported himself

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Droogs from the Volunteer Fire Department published photos of a damaged grassland in Letniki (Podlaskie Voivodeship), where children play football. People who, according to firefighters, organized a party there, also left garbage scattered around.

“It is a public place, families with children came to play football, schools organized the end of the year for their students, everyone could spend time in a climatic place” – wrote the friends from OSP Letniki on their Facebook profile.

They also published photos showing the run-down grass and garbage lying around the wooden shelter.

The grass was run over by car wheels TSO Letniki

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They installed the lighting themselves, repaired the tables

Firefighters added that the pitch area and the bonfire site with a gazebo had been repaired and cleaned many times.

Children play football here TSO Letniki

“We installed the lighting on the pitch ourselves, repaired and maintained benches, tables and a gazebo” – they emphasized in the entry.

The perpetrator promised that he would fix everything

They also asked people who organized a “party” on the pitch to repair the turf and clean up after themselves. It turns out that after the publication of the post, the perpetrator turned himself in.

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“He declared that he would repair the damage within a week” – the droogs reported.

Garbage was strewn around the gazebo TSO Letniki

Main photo source: TSO Letniki

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