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Levi Davis. The X-Factor star went missing six months ago. Police on groundbreaking findings

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After nearly half a year of searching, there was a breakthrough in the Levi Davis case. On Thursday, the family of the rugby player, also known for his participation in the British edition of the “Celebrity X Factor”, shared new police findings regarding the disappearance of a 25-year-old.

Davis, 25, was last seen on the evening of October 29, 2022, at the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant in Barcelona. According to the latest police findings, after leaving the premises, the athlete went towards the popular La Rambla promenade, from where he went to the nearby port. A passport belonging to the player had already been found in his vicinity. This is also where the last recorded location of his cell phone comes from. That same night, the crew of a cruise ship docking at the port tried to save a drowning man. As the officers suspect, the man was Davis.

Levi Davis was last seen in Barcelona.Shutterstock

Extensive efforts have been made to determine Levi’s last whereabouts. Police confirm that after leaving the last place where he was seen, i.e. the Hard Rock Cafe, Levis walked down La Rambla and reached the commercial port, the family of the missing man said in a statement published on April 20. According to Davis’ relatives, the search operation “investigated reports of a man spotted in the water by cruise ship personnel.”

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Breakthrough in the search for Levi Davis

The testimony mentioned by the relatives of the athlete was given by four members of the ship’s staff. When talking to the police, they were to point out that the man they saw asked for help in English. – A life jacket was dropped from the ship towards him. Sea and air rescue services searched the nearby area but failed to find him, the statement said.

Officers did not confirm whether the man drowning that night was Davis, who had been missing for nearly six months. – The investigation is still ongoing. We hope that the police will decide to conduct an in-depth search of the waters in the vicinity of the port.

In addition to his sports career, the 25-year-old was known for his participation in the British show “Celebrity X Factor”, during which he formed a team called Try Star with other rugby players. Last October, the athlete traveled to Ibiza to visit his friend Richard Squire, where he was to work on his music. The men parted ways on October 28 in the city of Ibiza, from where Davis left for Barcelona.

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