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Lex anti-TVN in the Sejm. When will it be on the agenda? Political comments

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When will the Sejm deal with the lex anti-TVN and will it happen at tomorrow’s session of the Sejm? This issue has not been settled due to the large number of votes on other matters and the one-day meeting, as reported by the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm and the head of the PiS club, Ryszard Terlecki. According to the opposition, this may mean the suspension of work on the bill. Kukiz’15 MP Jarosław Sachajko hopes that the majority of Discovery shares, which will have to be sold after the adoption of the law, will go to the stock exchange.

Parliamentary committee for culture and media during the meeting on July 27 adopted with amendments the draft amendment to the media law. After that, the draft was submitted to the plenary session of the Sejm. The next meeting of the lower house is scheduled for Wednesday. It is still unclear whether the MPs will deal with the bill on that day, which changes the rules for granting broadcasting licenses for media with foreign capital.


The head of the PiS club and the deputy speaker of the Sejm, Ryszard Terlecki, announced that, among other things, the issue of the project will be dealt with by politicians from his party at the meeting of the Political Committee on Tuesday. He announced that the Presidium of the Sejm would be held the next day.

Terlecki assured that the Law and Justice, “always”, therefore also in this case, has a majority in the Sejm to pass the bill. He explained that due to the one-day meeting and a large number of votes on other matters, the draft may not be on the agenda. To the suggestion that the one-day sitting in the Sejm could be extended, he replied: – Not really, the deputies have left their vacation time off and we can’t really do it to extend it.

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Terlecki: We always have the majority. There can be no longer sitting of the Sejm, because the deputies ordered the holidaysTVN24

Magpie: we hope it comes to reflection

The spokesman for the Covenant, Magdalena Sroka, referring to the unknown date of considering the media law in the Sejm, commented that this meant that “there is some kind of reflection”. “We hope so,” she added.

– I hope that if this bill does not end up in the bin, at least the amendments will be adopted, including the amendment to the Agreement – she said. This amendment extends the right to have a majority stake in the media to include entities from the countries of the European Economic Area to OECD countries (eg the United States).

Zgorzelski: Maybe someone called from New York? From Washington?

Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Piotr Zgorzelski (PSL-KP), when asked about the unknown fate of the project in the Sejm, said: – Didn’t I say that they would jump, jump and then sit down?

Maybe someone called from New York? From Washington? Maybe they figured out that there is no point in messing with an ally and friend? – He was asking. Referring to Terlecki, Zgorzelski admitted that “since one of the most important people in PiS says that perhaps there will be no lex TVN at this Sejm (session), it means that lex TVN is leaving ad kalendas graecas” (to the date which will never happen – ed.).

Sachajko: I hope that 51 percent of the shares will be sold to Poles on the stock exchange

Kukiz’15 MP, Jarosław Sachajko, who had already declared his support for the project, now repeated his opinion. – Our amendment was accepted, doubts as to whether State Treasury companies will be able to buy TVN or not have been dispelled – he said.

– Everything is fine, we should obey the Polish law – he added.

What about the shares of the American Discovery, the owner of TVN, which will have to sell its shares if the project comes into force? – Discovery will remain with a stake of 49 percent (shares) and I hope that this 51 percent will be sold to Poles on the stock exchange so that everyone, me and you, could buy one share each – said Sachajko, addressing the TVN24 reporter.

Sachajko: Discovery will remain with a 49 percent stake and I hope that 51 percent will be sold to Poles on the stock exchangeTVN24

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