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Lex anti-TVN, the ramifications of the law, and a joint statement by US senators. Małgorzata Zachara-Szymańska and Tomasz Płudowski comment

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The consequences of the lex anti-TVN act, the draft amendment to the media act submitted by PiS, and the joint statement of US senators on this matter were discussed in “Get up and know” professor Małgorzata Zachara-Szymańska and doctor Tomasz Płudowski. – We do not know if on the part of Law and Justice it is just a kind of tactical play, or whether they will actually insist on it. But the consequences may be distant – believes Płudowski.

In connection with the draft amendment to the media act, called lex anti-TVN, submitted by Law and Justice, the joint statement was made this week by the US Democratic and Republican senators. “This law, combined with Poland’s refusal to renew the license for TVN, is another step in the direction that threatens Polish democracy,” they assessed. They also wrote that if the project were “passed and became law, it would discriminate against companies outside the European Union and would probably lead to the exit of a serious American investor from Poland.”


The position of American senators was discussed on TVN24 by Professor Małgorzata Zachara-Szymańska from the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora at the Jagiellonian University and Dr. Tomasz Płudowski, political scientist from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University and Collegium Civitas.

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US senators write about lex anti-TVN. Zachara-Szymańska: This statement is important

According to Małgorzata Zachary-Szymańska, “this statement is important”. – It signals that in bilateral policy you cannot have a cookie and eat a cookie at the same time, as it seems the Polish ruling camp would like – she said.

She added that “you cannot enjoy the status of a trusted partner to which investments are directed, including sensitive investments related to defense, and at the same time when it is dictated by short-sighted political interest, break the basic principles on which this alliance is based. “.

Zachara-Szymańska on the statement of US senators about the lex anti-TVN: this statement is importantTVN24

Płudowski on the consequences of the possible adoption of the lex anti-TVN act

On the other hand, Płudowski assessed that if the amendment to the media law proposed by PiS was adopted, “the consequences may be serious”.

– We do not know exactly how it will end. We do not know if on the part of Law and Justice this is just a kind of tactical play, or whether they will actually insist on it. But the consequences can be distant. These are the most far-reaching consequences related to the weakening of the presence of American troops in Poland. I hope it doesn’t come to that, of course, ‘he said.

Płudowski also said that if the amendment is passed, “Poland will weaken in relations with the United States, Poland’s position will also weaken in international structures, American and international business will leave (…) and the image of Poland will change – as a country that is unpredictable on the part of business, political, in which investors do not know the day or the hour “.

Płudowski on the statement of US senators about the lex anti-TVN and the possible consequences of adopting the amendmentTVN24

Terlecki talked about US senators. Zachara-Szymańska: it’s undiplomatic

The guests of “Get up and you know” also commented on the statement of the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, head of the PiS club Ryszard Terlecki on the joint statement of American senators. He assessed that they “read various nonsense” and “do not know what is going on”. – And are we exactly aware of what is happening in the American Senate? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is for this – he explained.

– It seems that it is not justified to disavow such figures that play an important role in building international relations of the United States – said Zachara-Szymańska. As she said, “Poland, however, has more interests in America than America has in Poland.” – So it seems that when formulating such somewhat awkward opinions, one should be careful, because it is simply undiplomatic – she assessed.

She also argued that senators “obviously have quite a good insight into what the imposition of such a regulation may be at risk.” – It will have consequences. The consequences, both political and related to how Poland will be perceived – she added.

Americans “read nonsense”. Terlecki on the list of senators on lex anti-TVNTVN24

Płudowski: Terlecki wants to give a switch

According to Płudowski, “this behavior is quite bizarre”. – However, they can be explained by the fact that politicians have recently sent a different message to the inside, mainly to their electorate, and outside. If the marshal says something like that, he mainly wants to give a switch, he wants to show that he does not respect the state, does not respect this television station – TVN, and addresses this message mainly to his voters – explained the political scientist.

– However, we live in such times that virtually all words spoken in public become available all over the world – he added.

In his opinion, Terlecki “may not have noticed that at the same time he disavows American senators, that is, people who decide, among other things, on financing American troops abroad”.

Main photo source: TVN24

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