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Lex anti-TVN voted by the Sejm. Marek Suski about the amendment that was overlooked

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The anti-TVN act was passed by the Sejm. Marek Suski, MP announced that an amendment to this law would be proposed in the Senate. The idea is that broadcasters who have satellite licenses do not have to meet the requirement of a maximum of 49 percent of capital from outside the European Economic Area.


Right in front of it voting in the plenary chamber MP Marek Suski informed that the committee which dealt with the bill had rejected the motion to reject the bill in its entirety and proposed introducing some amendments.

“Overlooked amendment”

He also submitted that during the work on the act, “one amendment to the bill” to art.35 was overlooked, which will remove the restriction referred to in paragraph 2 (1) and (2), that they do not apply to granting a broadcasting license by means of broadcast, satellite or in telecommunications networks other than those used for terrestrial broadcasting or satellite broadcasting “.

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– We will propose this amendment in the Senate – he announced.

– The idea is that broadcasters who have satellite licenses do not have to meet the 49 percent capital requirement from outside the European Economic Area. Let you not say that we want to liquidate TVN24 – he addressed the opposition members present in the room.

What will the Senate do? “If a fix is ​​a trick, we’ll drop it”

Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Michał Kamiński, referring to Suski’s information about the amendment, noted that if there was no amendment to the scenario, which – as he emphasized – would mean the capitulation of PiS, the Senate majority would reject the amendment to the Broadcasting Act.

– If we accept the surrender, then unconditionally. However, if there is no such capitulation in the Senate, if we decide that this amendment is a trick that is simply to deceive the senators, then we will not be deceived and we will reject this “lex TVN” in the Senate. To accept him again in the Sejm, you need a majority that was not present in this vote, said Kamiński.

Krzysztof Kwiatkowski (non-attached senator) judged that if “such an amendment is true, that is, this law is to be dead in practice, and PiS admits that it did this whole row for nothing, just to show that it can do something.” vote in the Sejm, breaking the rules of the Sejm, this amendment will be adopted “.

– If this amendment raises the slightest doubts as to its real intentions, it is obvious that our scenario will continue to be a veto to this bill – he stressed.

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