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Lex Czarnek 3.0, proceedings of the Sejm. Joanna Senyszyn submits the application. Ryszard Terlecki: I hate to take this piece of paper in my hand

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During the first reading in the Sejm of the civic project called by the opposition “lex Czarnek 3.0”, a member of the Democratic Left Circle, Joanna Senyszyn, submitted a motion to reject the submission. When she put the letter on the matter on the desk, behind which Ryszard Terlecki, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, from PiS, was sitting, he said: “I hate to take this piece of paper in my hand.”

On Friday, the Sejm rejected the opposition’s motion to reject the civic draft amendment to the Education Law act, described by the ruling majority as “Let’s protect children”, and by the opposition as “lex Czarnek 3.0”. Thus, the chamber opted for further work on the project. It will now go to the Committee on Education, Science and Youth.

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Senishin: the project is harmful

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During the first reading, Joanna Senyszyn, an MP from the Democratic Left, filed a motion to reject the bill. She said that “children really need to be protected from the clerical-leftist, unconstitutional, scientifically based education introduced by (Minister Przemys┼éaw) Czarnek.”

– It is during the catechesis that children are sexualized, fairy tales are told, scientific facts are denied, sexual obsessions of the clergy are transmitted, intolerance towards non-heteronormative students and discrimination against women and atheists takes place – said the MP.

She added that “if the applicants really wanted to protect children, they would apply for the abolition of religion classes, which almost no one wants to attend anyway.”

– Either way, it’s a bad design. And it is outrageous that it is presented as a civic project, because it is really the third version of the “lex Czarnek”, which, hopefully, the president will reject if it is shamefully passed in the Sejm – said Senyszyn.

Joanna SenyszynTVN24

Terlecki: I hate to take this piece of paper in my hand

After the MP’s speech, the deputy speaker of the Sejm could be heard Ryszard Terlecki from Law and Justice, sighing “oh, Holy God”. When the MP submitted an application to his desk, Terlecki said that “he is disgusted to take this piece of paper in his hand”.

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“Lex Czarnek 3.0”

The bill was submitted to the Sejm in the middle of the summer holidays. According to teachers and experts, it will limit the presence of non-governmental organizations in schools. The project has already been called “lex Czarnek 3.0”, because the previous two laws, vetoed by the president, had the same reservations. This time it was not a government or parliamentary project, but a civic one.

Broniarz about “lex Czarnek 3.0”: in the substantive sense, there is no justificationTVN24

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