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lex pilot. PiS loses vote in committee. The bill will go to public hearing

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There’s going to be a public hearing on Lex pilot. Law and Justice MPs lost the vote during the debates of the parliamentary digitization, innovation and modern technologies committee. On the commission – in the face of an equal number of votes for and against – the vote of the chairman was decisive. If the provisions of the government draft come into force, pay TV operators will have to make available only five government TV channels at the top of the list.

On January 12, the Sejm held the first reading of the government’s draft of the Electronic Communications Law and the provisions introducing the Electronic Communications Law, known as Lex pilot. During the discussion, motions were submitted for additional referral of the bill to the parliamentary culture and media committee, and motions for rejection of the bill in its entirety.

These motions were voted on February 3. Both were rejected. After that, the project was sent to the parliamentary digitization, innovation and modern technologies committee.

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There will be a Lex pilot public hearing

During Monday’s deliberations of this commission, its head Jan Grabiec (AFTER) put to the vote a formal motion regarding the adoption of a resolution on holding a public hearing on the regulations.

All 18 committee members voted. Nine MPs voted in favor, nine others voted against. The proposal was initially rejected.

After the vote, a representative of the legislative office spoke. – A request for a public hearing is a procedural request, therefore, in accordance with Article 163a(2) of the Rules of Procedure of the Sejm, in the event of voting on such a request by an equal number of votes, the chairperson of the debate shall have the casting vote, if he or she has not abstained from voting – he reminded.

(…) 2. If a motion on a procedural matter is submitted at a committee meeting, such motion shall be put to the vote immediately. In the event of obtaining an equal number of votes in the voting on the motion, the vote of the chairperson of the debate shall be decisive on the adoption or rejection of the resolution in this matter, provided that he or she has not abstained from voting. (…)

After this statement, Grabiec confirmed that he was “in favor” of the application, therefore it was adopted.

The public hearing will take place on March 6.

lex pilot

The government’s draft introduces changes to the “must carry, must offer” rule. According to it, so far the list of mandatory channels offered by pay operators included government television channels and commercial stations, including, for example, TVN. If the amendment enters into force, commercial channels will drop from the mandatory list.

TVP1, TVP2, TVP3 will remain, and additionally TVP Info and TVP Kultura will appear. Five stations broadcast by TVP will also be on the first five buttons on the remote controls.

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